Best Heated Jacket Products for Staying Warm on the Jobsite


Whether you’d like to admit it or not, Old Man Winter is quickly approaching. Consequently, temperatures will only continue to drop, leading to discomfort, especially as you conduct your job tasks outside.

Thankfully, there is a certain type of workwear that will help you maintain your warmth all winter long though: heated jacket.

However, just like any other workwear on the market, there are a wide array of options to choose from. So, how can you determine which heated jackets are the most suitable for you and your specific needs?

In short, you should consider purchasing heated jackets that provide the following benefits, thereby leading to long-term comfort.

Why Buy a Heated Jacket?

Fully powered by batteries or power banks that are integrated into their linings, heated jackets will offer you high flexibility, as they have various heat settings you can personally adjust. As a result, you’ll be able to control how hot or warm you’d like to be, given the climate you happen to be working in at a particular time. And, in turn, you won’t have to add any extra layers (or remove them) to ensure you’re as comfortable as possible. You can simply adjust your jacket’s temperatures and notice a difference in heat (or lack thereof) in a very timely manner.

This quick adjustment in temperatures is crucial for several reasons. First, if you’re feeling too cold, you can increase your likelihood of strengthening your immune system, as it won’t become weaker due to your cold body temperature. From there, you’ll likely be healthier this winter, as your chances of acquiring a cold or flu virus will diminish. In doing so, your odds of downtime will decrease, too.

Of equal importance, you won’t have to wear nearly as many layers as you previously did. After all, rather than having to add or remove layers—which, as you likely know from personal experience, can be quite cumbersome on your jobsites—you’ll be able to easily adjust your heated jacket’s temperature settings to whichever options you prefer.

Furthermore, you’ll reduce any discomfort associated with being too hot or too cold as you work outside this winter. From time to time, you may wear additional layers during the winter, only to sweat and become uncomfortable as you work for hours on end. Not to mention, more often than not, you’ll encounter aches and pains, due to physical labor, especially the longer you work in the construction industry. Cold weather typically exacerbates these symptoms, whether you have arthritis or some other type of painful condition that arises when you bend, lift, kneel and stretch on a frequent basis. Therefore, your longevity and productivity will rise, each of which will positively impact your employer’s bottom line.

Just as heated jackets may enhance your longevity, the products themselves will also provide you long lifespans, as they’ll maintain their warmth, possibly for years to come—as long they’re properly taken care of. To further increase their odds of longevity, heated jackets often have waterproof membranes as well, enabling them to withstand heavy rains and snowfall, leading to further comfort as well, as you’ll remain dryer on your jobsites.

Finally, by purchasing one of the following heated jackets, you’ll potentially be able to boost your focus on whichever job task is at hand too, as you won’t be distracted by the discomforts of being too cold or too hot, as you’ll feel “just right”.

ANTARCTICA GEAR Lightweight Heated Jacket with a 12V/5A Power Bank

best heated jacket

ANTARCTICA GEAR Lightweight Heated Jacket with a 12V/5A Power Bank.

Offering six carbon fiber heating zones—two on its front, two on its back and one on each of its arms—this heated jacket will ensure you remain warm throughout your shift. Capable of heating up in a matter of seconds, the jacket also has three heating modes that can be controlled with its power button. Featuring a digital display, which consistently informs you about battery power, the jacket has a 12V 16000mAh battery pack that can heat up to 140℉, too. Additionally, it can maintain its warmth for four to eight hours, depending on which heating level you utilize: high (140℉), medium (125℉) or low (110℉).

Best Features: Six carbon fiber heating zones; three heating modes

Price: $117.99 – Buy a heated jacket on Amazon.com.

DEWBU Soft Shell Heated Jacket with a 12V Battery Pack

best heated jacket

DEWBU Soft Shell Heated Jacket with a 12V Battery Pack.

Featuring a 12V heating element, which was recently updated, this heated jacket also has a battery pack that enables its temperature to rise to 140℉ in a few seconds. Providing five heating zones and three heating modes, the jacket offers a 12V cable too, allowing you to connect it to various portable power sources, in order to charge it up a bit. Available in six sizes, ranging from small to 3XL, the jacket has a foldable hat, seven pockets and a scratch-, water- and wind-resistant exterior as well. Furthermore, it can maintain its warmth—at its lowest heating level—for up to 10 hours at a time.

Best Features: Five heating zones; scratch-, water- and wind-resistant exterior

Price: $149.99 – Buy a heated jacket on Amazon.com.

iHood Heated Vest with a Retractable Heating Hood

best heated jacket

iHood Heated Vest with a Retractable Heating Hood.

Very soft and comfortable, this heated vest provides you more heat than many of the heated jackets that are currently on the market, as its temperature can be as high as 158℉. Able to heat up in three seconds, the vest utilizes a 52Wh QC3.0 battery, along with a three-zone control system. As a result of this system, you’ll be able to control exactly which area of your vest will receive the most heat, ensuring you maintain your warmth wherever you need to. Lightweight and water resistant, leading to further comfort, the vest also has a retractable heating hood, which you can easily hide whenever you don’t need it.

Best Features: 158℉ of heat at its highest level; 52Wh QC3.0 battery

Price: $139.99 – Buy a heated jacket on Amazon.com.

ORORO Classic Heated Jacket

best heated jacket

ORORO Classic Heated Jacket.

Providing wind and water resistance, enabling you to wear it regardless of the weather conditions you encounter, this heated jacket also has a detachable hood, leading to further protection from high winds. To ensure you remain warm, in addition to being dry and guarded from the wind, the jacket has three carbon fiber heating elements, situated on its chest and mid-back. Moreover, it has three heating settings that can work for three to 10 hours at a time, depending on which setting you choose to use. For instance, the highest heating setting can be utilized for three hours, whereas the lowest can be used for 10 hours.

Best Features: Detachable hood; wind and water resistance

Price: $159.99 – Buy a heated jacket on Amazon.com.

PTAHDUS Gear Five-zone Heated Jacket with a Battery Kit

best heated jacket

PTAHDUS Gear Five-zone Heated Jacket with a Battery Kit.

Available in six sizes, ranging from small to XXXL, this jacket offers variety in another key way: it has five heating zones and three temperature levels. Aside from its temperature levels, which range from 110℉ to 140℉, the jacket will further increase your warmth due to its water and wind resistance. Providing a 7.4V battery that will heat up the jacket in a few seconds and maintain its warmth (at the low temperature level) for up to 8 hours at a time, the jacket has a large mesh pocket, too. As a result of the pocket, you can store items like cell phones, iPads, pencils, pens and small tools.

Best Features: Five heating zones; six sizes

Price: $149.99 – Buy a heated jacket on Amazon.com.

Things to Know about a Heated Jacket

How can I clean my heated jacket?

Depending on which heated jacket you purchase, you can either hand or machine wash it (or both). Prior to doing so, ensure you always remove its battery. In addition, you should place the battery’s plug in its pocket, which should be zipped up to ensure full protection. You must avoid bleaching at all times, too.

What if I have stains on my heated jacket? What should I do?

Again, don’t ever bleach your heated jacket. Instead, wipe the stains with a wet tissue as gently as possible. If you need to, utilize a mild stain treatment as well.

What if I’m not going to use my heated jacket for a certain period of time? How should I store it?

You must store your heated jacket in the cleanest, driest environment that you’re able to. A storage container is the most ideal option, rather than simply storing your jacket out in the open. Even if your jacket is stored in a container, you should strive to hide it from direct sunlight. Additionally, extremely high temperatures must be avoided at all costs. Finally, you should recharge its battery on a regular basis—at least once every quarter.

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