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As a construction worker, you encounter virtually every type of condition imaginable. Heavy snow. High heat. High humidity. Torrential downpours.

Without question, each condition can lead to considerable discomfort. But is there anything worse than working in wet, muddy areas?

In my personal experience, the answer is a definite no. After all, the uncleanliness of working in such conditions can be felt throughout your body, from your feet to your head, resulting in utter discomfort.

However, what if I told you that no longer has to be the case? What if there was an option that completely eliminated any discomfort—with regards to your feet, at least—as you work in dirty, wet conditions?

Recently, I received a pair of Baffin Refinery (Safety Toe and Plate) Boots in the mail. Upon opening the box and trying them on, I decided to wear them while working near a pond in my backyard. At the time, I had been pulling a bunch of cattails out from their roots, leading to a very mucky area, one in which my feet would literally sink into the mud with each step I took.

Prior to wearing Baffin Refinery Boots, my feet were extremely uncomfortable as I worked in this area, as they became wet almost immediately. But, due to Baffin Refinery Boots, this issue ended within a matter of minutes, as I was able to wear them for a few hours without any discomfort, associated with wetness, whatsoever.

Aside from the area’s muckiness, I also have to walk on several sharp rocks each time I pull out cattails, while lifting and moving various rocks, too. In the past, these rocks could be a problem for me, as I experienced foot pain when I walked on them at times. Once I started wearing Baffin Refinery Boots though, my feet no longer hurt whenever I walked on the rocks, as they were well protected from such protruding objects.

As a result of these two significant benefits, along with many others, which I will discuss below, I—as well as my IRONPROS colleagues—fully recommend them to you. As a matter of fact, given my personal experiences with them, I advise you to purchase them as soon as possible.

rubber boots

Baffin Refinery Rubber Boots. Credit: Goldenrod Photography


For 44 years, Baffin has been manufacturing high-quality boots built to last (potentially for years at a time), and the Refinery Boots are no exception. Nonetheless, you must do your part in order to ensure they maintain their durability for as long as Baffin intended them to.

First, after using them, remove any dirt or debris that’s remaining on them after you finish your shift. Wipe them clean, prior to letting them air dry. If you’re going to store them for periods at a time (perhaps you prefer to wear them more during the winter than in the summer and would like to store them for at least three months), you must do so in a cool, dark and dry environment.

By storing them in a proper environment, your boots’ coloring won’t be impacted by direct light. At the same time, they won’t experience any issues associated with dampness either, such as mildew, mold and other problems that may negatively affect them down the road.

For further durability, the boots offer a unique characteristic: self-cleaning outsoles. Due to this offering, the boots’ exteriors can be cleaned without requiring much assistance on your part, as water, along with some other substances, will roll off of them. Of course, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do whatever you need to, in order to ensure they’re as clean as possible once your shift has ended. As an example, you should survey them to ensure there isn’t any debris or dirt left on them, while also drying them off, prior to storing them for the evening.

Electrical Hazard-rated

Aside from their durability, the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM)-approved boots will provide you a secondary source of protection from electric shock, too. As is the case with nearly any hazard on your jobsite, electric shocks can occur for a variety of reasons. First, you may accidentally contact live electrical circuits, as you might not always be aware of their presence. Not to mention, you may inadvertently contact electrically energized apparatuses, conductors and parts under dry conditions. And you may touch an outlet while working near water, yet another hazard that could lead to potentially serious, life-threatening injuries.

But, thankfully, your concern about these injuries won’t be nearly as high as they may have been in the past, as Baffin Refinery Boots are not only Electrical Hazard (EH)-rated, but Electric Shock Resistant (ESR) as well. Consequently, they can withstand the application of 18,000 volts at 60 hertz for up to 1 minute at a time, thereby offering your feet (and, in turn, body) the protection you need, while working in electrically hazardous areas.


If you happen to work in very cold climates, in which temperatures drop to 0℉ or lower, have no fear—you can wear Baffin Refinery Boots without any hesitation whatsoever, as they’re well insulated. As an example of their high insulation capabilities and, subsequently, warmth, the boots have an inner system comprised of various layers, which is known as Tri-Fit. One such layer is a polywick liner that ensures moisture is evaporated outside of the boots’ fabric, enabling your feet to remain dry, regardless of the conditions you work in.

Aside from this polywick liner, the boots have a highly dense insulation layer, thereby guaranteeing your feet will be fully protected from cold weather, even as temperatures diminish to below zero. Finally, for even more heat in subzero temperatures, the boots have a Vaporized Aluminum Membrane that fully regulates heat on a steady basis, allowing you to wear them even as your shifts’ lengths rise above normal levels, due to overtime.

rubber boots

Baffin Refinery Rubber Boots. Credit: Goldenrod Photography


When I first tried these boots on, I noticed their lightness above everything else. I felt as if I was hardly wearing them (as much as I could, with regards to wearing tall boots, that is). This lightness was noticed throughout the entire time I wore them—nearly 8 hours the first day I tried them on. As you know, lightness is critical, especially if you have to wear your boots for long shifts, while steadily moving around your jobsite, from one task to another.

As an example of their lightweight, a pair of size 9 Baffin Refinery Boots, which are nearly 14 inches high and more than 12 inches long, weigh approximately 5.4 pounds. This weight is particularly low for boots that are this high and long, enabling you to easily transition from one area of your jobsite to another.

Nylon Snow Collar

While preparing to potentially purchase these boots, it’s important to remember that they’re manufactured in Canada. And, as a result, they’re created for construction workers that must endure consistently cold temperatures. The bottom line? If you work in cold temperatures for long stretches at a time, these boots aren’t simply an option—they’re practically a necessity.

For further evidence of the manufacturer’s focus on ensuring construction workers remain as comfortable in cold weather as possible, Baffin Refinery Boots, also have a nylon snow collar, which will considerably minimize any likelihood of snow entering your boots while you work. In turn, you feet, as well as the lower half of your legs, will remain dry, comfortable and warm as you work during the peak of winter.

Oil Resistant

Earlier in the article, I discussed the ways in which Baffin Refinery Boots are highly durable. But there is another aspect that I haven’t mentioned yet: their resistance to oil. As a result of this resistance, the boots’ lifespans will likely be quite long, as they’ll endure yet another on-the-job hazard.

In addition to oil resistance, the boots offer acid resistance too, thus ensuring they’re fully protected from chemicals as well. As evidenced by their construction, along with their oil and chemical resistance, these boots aren’t only comfortable in cold, wet conditions. They’re also durable, guaranteeing you’ll have the protection you need for years to come.

Steel Toe and Plate

For even further protection and durability, the boots feature steel toes and plates, showcasing yet another aspect that has led Baffin to be recognized around the world as a manufacturer of well-built footwear. As is the case with the boots’ other durability- and protection-oriented aspects, you’ll hardly notice the boots’ steel toes and plates, as they’re very light. Simply put, you won’t be weighed down by any feature of the boots, as you’ll have a free range of motion while wearing them in rain, sleet and snow.

rubber boots

Baffin Refinery Rubber Boots. Credit: Goldenrod Photography


With regards to wearing them in rain, sleet and snow, the boots offer another significant aspect: they’re fully waterproof. In fact, according to the manufacturer, they have its highest level of waterproofing, as they feature its B-Tek fiber layer, a moisture control system that ensures water won’t ever enter the boots’ interiors. I can attest to the boots waterproofing capabilities, as they remained dry throughout the entire time I wore them, even while walking in muck for several hours.

Should You Buy Baffin Refinery Boots?

Without question! Not only will they provide you long lifespans, but they’ll also help you remain comfortable and dry in terrible weather conditions, from extreme cold and high winds, to heavy rain, sleet and snow. Waterproof and highly insulated, enabling you to wear them for long shifts in the midst of winter, the boots will protect you from elements that aren’t related to Mother Nature as well, such as electrical hazards, chemicals and oils. As a result, you can remain fully confident that you have the protection you need on your jobsite, no matter what you—and your feet—may encounter.

Featuring steel toes and plates, which ensures they maintain their durability for long periods of time, the boots are lightweight, too. Therefore, you’ll have a high range of motion as you walk all over your jobsite, while conducting a wide array of tasks. And, since they have a nylon snow collar, you’ll have even further comfort, as you’ll be well guarded from rain and snow, which simply won’t be able to enter your boots’ interiors.

Available in nine sizes, ranging from 6 to 14, the boots are often larger than other shoes and boots you wear. With this in mind, the manufacturer advises you to purchase one size down, in order to ensure you have a proper fit and, consequently, the most comfort possible. Offered in one color (black), the boots are also quite affordable, especially when you consider all of the benefits they provide, as they cost $110 if you purchase them on Baffin.com.

If you aren’t completely satisfied with them, you can return them to Baffin within 30 days of your purchase. The boots’ box has to be in its original condition though, and it must be packaged within a secondary box. If you live in Canada, all returns are free; an $8 shipping label fee will be deducted from your refund if you live in the United States. Aside from its return policy, the manufacturer offers yet another benefit—free shipping, as long as your order is higher than $99, that is.

In conclusion, if you’re seeking a pair of boots that are affordable, durable and highly comfortable, regardless of the conditions you work in, look no further than Baffin Refinery Boots. You’ll receive all three of these characteristics, among many others, from the moment you remove them from the box!

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