Best KEEN Work Boots for Safety and Comfort on Construction Sites


Ariat. Carhartt. Danner. Wolverine.

Without question, there are several brands of work boots that you can choose from, each of which are known for providing a variety of benefits for construction workers like yourself.

In fact, the four mentioned are just a small percentage of the brands you can consider looking into, as there are many other large manufacturers, as well as some lesser-known, smaller manufacturers, that will provide comfortable, durable work boots that you can rely on.

For example, KEEN is certainly a brand that has steadily become known within the construction industry since the organization was first founded in 2003. Offering a wide array of work boot options to choose from, the manufacturer also provides numerous benefits.

Why Buy KEEN Work Boots?

When construction workers first think about KEEN work boots, one characteristic often comes to mind before any other: their appearance. After all, KEEN work boots simply look great, as they each have professional, stylish appearances that increase users’ confidence. You know exactly how it is, too—the better you look, the more confident you are on the job. And the more confident you are, the better you’ll likely perform as well.

Aside from looking good, KEEN work boots also feel good. Their interiors are soft, enabling you to wear them for long shifts whenever necessary. Not to mention, they’re considered orthotic-friendly, as their toe boxes are spacious too, allowing nearly anyone to wear them, regardless of how wide their feet are.

Due to the boots’ widths, your likelihood of balance issues, which often lead to injury- and downtime-related slips and falls, may very well decrease. Likewise, you may have more protection from bunions, hammertoes and plantar fasciitis. For further protection from these issues, along with other orthotics concerns, you can also add custom orthotic inserts to your boots if you’d like, as a result of their spaciousness.

Furthermore, KEEN work boots’ professional appearances are associated with their designs, as they’re typically built to last. To ensure they retain their durability as long as possible, be sure to follow KEEN’s instructions, with regards to the ways in which they should be cleaned and maintained. As an example of their durable designs, KEEN work boots’ midsoles are either comprised of ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA)—a lightweight cushioning that absorbs shocks and, therefore, can enhance your foot health, as it minimizes or eliminates injuries associated with shocks from rough terrain—or polyurethane (PU), an organic polymer that’s very dense and resilient, thereby allowing the boots to maintain their durability for long durations.

Of equal importance, each waterproof boot has a KEEN.DRY waterproof membrane that ensures water vapors can escape (such as those associated with sweating), while also guaranteeing that exterior moisture won’t ever enter their interiors. Consequently, you’ll remain very comfortable—and your boots can maintain their appearances for months or years to come, as they won’t have any of the cracks that are often correlated with boots that don’t have waterproof finishes.

Finally, KEEN is committed to offering sustainable products. And each of its boots are no exception, as some offerings have pesticide-free odor control, while others have PFC-free water repellency or leather that’s certified by the Leather Working Group, a community dedicated to ensuring leather options are responsible, with regards to the environment. To notice these various benefits, IronPros has found five KEEN work boots that you can consider researching and, ultimately, potentially purchasing as you prepare to buy your next pair of boots for your jobsite.

KEEN Cincinnati 6-in. Waterproof Work Boots

KEEN work boots

KEEN Cincinnati 6-in. Waterproof Work Boots.

Available in three color combinations—Belgian/Sandshell, Dark Chocolate/Sandshell and Tuscan Red/Sandshell—these boots are offered in 14 sizes, ranging from 7 to 15. Featuring the manufacturer’s breathable and waterproof KEEN.DRY membrane, the boots also have oil- and slip-resistant outsoles that diminish on-the-job injury risks. Providing PU, pillow-top cushioned footbeds, which can be removed, the boots have air-infused, PU midsoles too, leading to their light feel. In addition, they have carbon-fiber safety toes that are 15% lighter than steel, resulting in even further lightness. And, due to their leather exteriors, the boots’ outsoles will provide you secondary protection whenever your feet come in contact with live electrical circuits.

Best Features: Oil- and slip-resistant outsoles; PU footbeds and midsoles

Price: $194.95 - $195.00 – Buy KEEN work boots on Amazon.com

KEEN Detroit XT ESD Work Boots

KEEN work boots

KEEN Detroit XT ESD Work Boots.

Offered in even more sizes than the Cincinnati work boots (16, ranging from 7 to 17), these boots feature exteriors that provide protection from marks and scratches, enabling them to be used for a longer amount of time. Featuring a reflective webbing that allows them to be worn in dim or hazardous conditions, as truck drivers and forklift operators will notice them, the boots also have steel safety toes, resulting in comfort. Providing KEEN.KEY-TECH FLEX, leading to stability throughout your feet, the boots will decrease your foot fatigue too, especially as you walk on rough terrain. Electrostatic dissipative (ESD)-rated, the boots have oil- and slip-resistant outsoles as well.

Best Features: KEEN.KEY-TECH FLEX for foot stability; reflective webbing for dim conditions

Price: $133.98 – Buy KEEN work boots on Amazon.com

KEEN Lansing Mid Waterproof Work Boots

KEEN work boots

KEEN Lansing Mid Waterproof Work Boots.

Provided in two color combinations, Cascade Brown/Brindle and Raven/Tawny Olive, these boots are offered in 14 sizes, ranging from 7 to 15. Highly durable, as they have mid-height, waterproof leather and mesh uppers, the steel safety toe boots have breathable, waterproof membranes as well, which will help you remain dry for hours. Featuring reflective webbing that enhances your visibility in dimly lit areas, the boots are oil and slip resistant, too. Therefore, they meet American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) non-slip testing standards. For even more safety, the boots’ outsoles also provide a secondary source of protection whenever they come in contact with live electrical circuits.

Best Features: Breathable, waterproof membranes; waterproof, leather and mesh uppers

Price: $144.95 - $145.00 – Buy KEEN work boots on Amazon.com

KEEN Milwaukee 6-in. Work Boots

KEEN work boots

KEEN Milwaukee 6-in. Work Boots.

Due to their outsoles, which have been created for virtually any type of terrain, along with their leather uppers, these boots can be utilized daily for potentially years to come, regardless of where they’re worn. After all, the steel toe boots are comprised of abrasion-resistant and high tensile and tear strength fabric. For further protection, they’re also electrical hazard-rated, thereby diminishing the potential of electric shock as they come in contact with live electrical circuits. Available in 14 sizes, the boots have 90-degree heels too, leading to high stability, as they help your feet remain securely in place whenever you climb on ladders and poles.

Best Features: 90-degree heels; abrasion-resistant fabric

Price: $185.95 - $190.00 – Buy KEEN work boots on Amazon.com

KEEN San Jose 6-in. Waterproof Work Boots

KEEN work boots

KEEN San Jose 6-in. Waterproof Work Boots.

Featuring aluminum safety toes, which weigh 30% less than steel, these boots also have air-injected PU midsoles, resulting in their lightness. Available in three color combinations—Cascade Brown/Black, Sky Captain/Star White and Tortoise Shell/Star White—and 14 sizes (7 to 15), the boots have breathable, waterproof membranes, too. Offering oil- and slip-resistant rubber outsoles and removable PU footbeds that enhance their light feel, the boots have waterproof leather uppers as well, leading to long-term durability. To maintain them, you should use a hand towel or a soft bristle brush, in order to delicately remove any loose debris or dirt. Additionally, you can utilize a leather cleaner for stain removal.

Best Features: Aluminum safety toes; oil- and slip-resistant rubber outsoles

Price: $127.96 - $159.95 – Buy KEEN work boots on Amazon.com

Things to Know about KEEN Work Boots

Are KEEN work boots available with replacement insoles?

Yes. A wide range of replacement insoles are offered, actually, including plant-based ones. Upon purchasing them—via this website—you only need to trim them in order to ensure that they fit you properly.

What exactly does “PFC-free water repellency” mean?

PFCs are perfluorinated chemicals or polyfluorinated chemicals, which are man-made. By providing perfluorinated or polyfluorinated chemicals, KEEN ensures that it’s boots are guarded from water—without having to utilize any man-made, potentially unhealthy chemicals.

What else does KEEN provide, in order to ensure you remain healthy?

As mentioned earlier in the article, many of the manufacturer’s offerings have pesticide-free odor control as well, thereby removing further man-made chemicals from your boots.

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