Top 5 Merino Wool Socks for Cold Jobsites

Merino wool socks offer high comfort, dryness and durability, along with several other benefits.


For thousands of years, workers have utilized wool clothing for a variety of reasons, especially while striving to protect themselves from Old Man Winter. This is a trend that, more than likely, will never end. 

In particular, Merino wool has become a favorite among workers like you, especially with regard to socks. In fact, they’re steadily becoming more and more popular, most likely due to the following key positives. 

Why Buy Merino Wool Socks?

First, Merino wool socks are typically quite comfortable. After all, due to their composition, they’re often very breathable, enabling your feet to “air out” as you work for long durations, sweat or conduct job tasks in wet conditions. Consequently, your productivity will likely rise, as your downtime—associated with changing socks or foot discomfort—will decline. Additionally, the more comfortable your feet are, the more likely you are to increase your productivity, as you won’t be distracted by discomfort. 

Second, the socks are generally durable, as they’re built to last for several months, if not years. Your return on investment will be noticed rather quickly, and that investment will possibly remain fully intact for a long time span. Thus, your feet will potentially remain comfortable on your jobsites for thousands of shifts. 

Third, aside from “airing out” rather easily and quickly, the socks often wick away moisture as well, ensuring your feet will remain dry, even as you work in heavy snowfalls and torrential downpours. Such moisture wicking capabilities will only further enhance their overall comfortability. 

And, finally, Merino wool socks tend to minimize odors, allowing you to wear them at least a couple shifts at a time before they need to be cleaned. As a result, any likelihood of damage, due to washing and drying, including shrinkage, will decline, leading to further longevity.  

To notice each of these benefits firsthand, among many others, IRONPROS advises you to consider purchasing one of the following five pairs of socks (if not all of them), as Old Man Winter continues. 

Danish Endurance Merino Wool Socks 

merino wool socks

Danish Endurance Merino Wool Socks.

Available in a wide array of colors, including forest green, grey, navy and yellow, these socks feature a Merino wool blend composition, which ensures your feet will have long-term thermal insulation. Not only are they ideal for cold winter months, as they’ll help your feet remain dry, warm and comfortable—but they can also be worn on hot summer days, due to their abilities to maintain coolness. As a result of their targeted ventilation zones, the socks provide continuous airflow, enabling you to wear them for hours on end. And since they’re padded from their heels to their toes, they’ll absorb shocks and reduce the likelihood of blisters. 

Best Features: Shock-absorbing padding; targeted ventilation zones 

Price: $31.95 – Buy Danish Endurance Merino Wool Socks on

Darn Tough Full Cushion Midweight Merino Wool Socks 

merino wool socks

Darn Tough Full Cushion Midweight Merino Wool Socks.

Roughly 11 inches long from their heels to their cuffs, these socks can be worn above 8-inch-high boots, resulting in comfort and leg protection whenever you need to wear high boots. Featuring cooling vents, leading to breathability and heat regulation, regardless of how long your shifts are, the socks will wick away any moisture your feet may be exposed to. As a result, your feet will remain comfortable as you work in various weather conditions. A “midweight” offering, the socks aren’t overly bulky, allowing you to wear them for several hours consecutively without any hesitation. And, for further comfort, they won’t bunch up or slip off your feet either. 

Best Features: Cooling vents; leg protection for high boots 

Price: $27.95 – Buy Darn Tough Full Cushion Midweight Merino Wool Socks on

GRIP6 Merino Wool Crew Socks 

merino wool socks

GRIP6 Merino Wool Crew Socks.

Offered in four sizes (small, medium, large and extra-large) and three primary colors (black, blue and orange), these socks are comprised of nylon (58%), wool (40%) and elastic (2%). Consequently, they’re breathable, durable, insulated and stretchy—an ideal combination as you constantly work on your feet in various weather conditions. Relatively lightweight, leading to further comfort, the socks’ wool is Fine Micron Rambouillet Merino, resulting in even more comfort. Protected from wear and tear, thereby increasing their odds of long-term usage, the antimicrobial socks will wick away moisture, too. Therefore, your feet won’t have any odors, even after you’ve worked overtime hours. 

Best Features: Antimicrobial; Fine Micron Rambouillet Merino Wool composition  

Price: $19.00 – Buy GRIP6 Merino Wool Crew Socks on

Meriwool Merino Wool Socks 

merino wool socks

Meriwool Merino Wool Socks.

Comprised of Merino wool (85%), stretch nylon (13%) and spandex (2%), these socks are very comfortable, regardless of how long you wear them during any given workday. Able to wick away moisture, whether you’re working in humid conditions, rain or snow, the socks will minimize odors too, as your feet will likely remain dry for hours at a time. Especially ideal for cold weather, due to their warmth, the socks are completely itch-free as well. As a result, you’ll be able to focus more on your job tasks, rather than having to scratch your feet, ankles or legs, enabling you to increase your on-the-job productivity. 

Best Features: Itch-free; moisture wicking capacities 

Price: $27.00 – Buy Meriwool Merino Wool Socks on

Merrell Heavyweight Merino Wool Socks 

merino wool socks

Merrell Heavyweight Merino Wool Socks.

Created for long-term usage, these socks are comprised of four primary materials: acrylic, Merino wool, nylon and spandex. Offering a “heavy weight” cushion, as defined by the manufacturer, the socks have primarily been created for cold weather, as they can be worn during the peak of winter. Breathable, despite their heaviness—thereby enabling them to be worn for long durations, even as you consistently sweat while completing difficult jobs—the socks will regulate your foot temperature. Capable of consistently wicking away moisture, the socks have reinforced cushioning in their foot beds, along with arch band support, each of which increase their overall comfort, too. 

Best Features: Moisture wicking capabilities; reinforced cushioning in foot beds 

Price: $17.99 - $23.00 – Buy Merrell Heavyweight Merino Wool Socks on

Things to Consider When Buying Merino Wool Socks 

How should I wash my Merino wool socks? 

Merino wool socks should be machine washed on a gentle cycle, thereby minimizing the likelihood of damage. While washing them, you should use cool or warm water, along with a mild laundry detergent. If you prefer to hand wash them, again use cool or warm water, along with a mild soap. You must always avoid bleach and fabric softener!

And how should I dry them? 

Once they’re washed, you should tumble dry them on low (if you prefer to use a washer and dryer). If you’d rather wash and dry them by hand, lay your socks out flatly so that their shapes won’t change and simply let them air dry. Don’t ever iron or dry clean them! 

How often should I clean my Merino wool socks? 

It really depends on how often you wear them. Due to their natural odor-fighting properties, you don’t have to wash them after every shift. If you wear them on a daily—or nearly daily—basis, you may want to clean them every two to three shifts. By ensuring they aren’t overly washed, they’ll likely have longer lifespans, as the odds of damage (especially from a washer and dryer) will decrease. 

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