Heavy-duty Dickies Carpenter Pants for Rugged Jobsites


In 1922, C.N. Williamson, along with his son, C.D., and his cousin, Col. E.E. Dickie, founded Williamson-Dickies Mfg. Co., a company that began with humble roots as a bib overalls manufacturer. Despite its modest beginnings, it ultimately became one of the world’s largest clothing producers, known simply as Dickies today.

As an example of the company’s growth, leading to high versatility, with regards to its offerings, Dickies provides a wide array of clothes to choose from, ranging from coats and coveralls, to hoodies and jackets, to painter and work pants, to work shirts and uniforms. 

But perhaps its most popular offerings, especially in recent years, are its carpenter pants. Presently, Dickies provides 19 carpenter pants to choose from, including duck jeans and pants. Available in various colors and sizes, the manufacturer’s carpenter pants offer several key benefits, which are especially pertinent to you, as a construction worker. 

Why Buy Dickies Carpenter Pants? 

Whether you’ve been working in construction for a few decades or you’re relatively new to the industry, you know that comfort is the name of the game, when it comes to any workwear, from your feet to your head. If workwear isn’t highly comfortable to you, you’ll likely look for another option, as comfort is not only a necessary component, concerning the way you feel on your jobsite, but it also impacts how you perform.  

After all, if you’re comfortable while you work, you’ll be more prone to perform to the best of your abilities, no matter how often or how long you need to work. And Dickies carpenter pants provide that critical factor for your job performance, as each pair is very comfortable, practically from the moment you first try them on. 

Aside from comfort, Dickies carpenter pants offer another necessity, when it comes to construction workers’ pants: durability. Regardless of where you work, your pants will more than likely endure significant wear and tear. Therefore, they must be well built, leading to high durability, no matter how often they’re worn.  

Fortunately, Dickies is well known for developing very durable clothing items that can be used for years to come. The manufacturer’s carpenter pants are no exception, as they feature a variety of components that ensure high durability, allowing you to wear them day in and day out if you’d like (due to their comfort, you’ll likely want to). 

Of course, you must do whatever you can to guarantee your pants achieve their fullest potential, concerning longevity. Follow Dickies’ guidelines, with regards to washing and maintenance, and you’ll more than likely have a pair of pants that will endure nearly everything they encounter on your jobsite, even as you work overtime. 

To notice both of these vital benefits firsthand, among many others, consider purchasing the following five carpenter pants.  

FLEX Carpenter Jeans 

dickies carpenter pants

FLEX Carpenter Jeans.

Available in seven waist sizes and three inseam sizes, these carpenter jeans are offered in three colors as well: Heritage Tinted Khaki, Rinsed Indigo Blue and Stonewashed Indigo Blue. Comprised of cotton (74%), polyester (25%) and spandex (1%), the jeans are very comfortable and durable. As an example of their comfort, the straight leg jeans have a relaxed fit, ensuring you’ll have ample room in your legs to move around on your jobsite—without any feeling of tightness whatsoever. Offering flexible fabric that will further enhance your on-the-job movement, the jeans feature reinforced, triple-stitched seams too, leading to their durability, even as you wear them several times a week. 

Best Features: Flexible fabric; reinforced, triple-stitched seams 

Price: $44.99 – Buy Dickies Carpenter Pants

FLEX Regular Fit Carpenter Jeans  

dickies carpenter pants

FLEX Regular Fit Carpenter Jeans.

As an example of Dickies’ dedication to durable products, these jeans feature LYCRA Tough Max technology. Due to this technology, they’re up to twice as strong as typical cotton denim jeans, enabling them to withstand considerable wear and tear for long durations. Aside from their resistance to abrasions, leading to potential long-term usage, the jeans are also very comfortable, as they’re comprised of FLEX fabric. As a result of this fabric, the jeans are highly flexible, thereby ensuring you’ll be able to easily move on your jobsite, whether you need to bend down, kneel or stretch. For more comfort, the jeans sit slightly below your waist, too. 

Best Features: Abrasion resistance; LYCRA Tough Max technology 

Price: $27.03 - $44.97 – Buy Dickies Carpenter Pants

FLEX Regular Fit Duck Carpenter Pants 

dickies carpenter pants

FLEX Regular Fit Duck Carpenter Pants.

Offered in eight colors, these pants are also available in three inseam sizes (30, 32 and 34) and eight waist sizes, ranging from 30 to 44. Comprised of cotton (68%), polyester (30%) and elastane (LYCRA fiber) (2%), the pants—much like FLEX Regular Fit Carpenter Jeans—feature LYCRA Tough Max technology, resulting in their high durability. To ensure even more durability, the pants have a triple-needle reinforced felled outseam too, yet another example of Dickies’ commitment to robustness. Very flexible, the 10-ounce duck pants will ensure you’re able to move from one job task to another in a completely effortless manner as well.  

Best Features: LYCRA Tough Max technology; triple-needle reinforced felled outseam 

Price: $41.25 - $49.99 – Buy Dickies Carpenter Pants 

Relaxed Fit Straight Leg Duck Carpenter Pants 

dickies carpenter pants

Relaxed Fit Straight Leg Duck Carpenter Pants.

Comprised entirely of cotton, these 9-ounce duck fabric pants are, in turn, very comfortable. Aside from their cotton composition, the pants have three other characteristics that guarantee they’ll remain highly comfortable for hours on end. First off, they’re lightweight, ensuring you’ll hardly notice you’re wearing them, regardless of how often you have to move on your jobsite. Secondly, they’re very soft, as they’re garment washed, prior to shipping. And third, the straight leg pants, which sit just below your waist, have ample room in their thighs, resulting in more freedom of movement. To guarantee they’re durable too, the pants’ likelihood for shrinkage is low, due to their garment-washed design. 

Best Features: 100% cotton composition for softness; garment-washed design  

Price: $30.50 - $37.34 – Buy Dickies Carpenter Pants

Relaxed Fit Straight Leg Sanded Duck Carpenter Pants 

dickies carpenter pants

Relaxed Fit Straight Leg Sanded Duck Carpenter Pants.

Unlike the Relaxed Fit Straight Leg Duck Carpenter Pants, these pants are comprised of a sanded fabric, enabling them to not only feel like they’re broken in, but look like they’re well used, too. Able to sit just below your waist, the straight leg pants are very spacious, particularly within their thighs, resulting in high comfort. For further comfort, the 11.5-ounce brushed duck pants are comprised completely of cotton. Very durable as well, the pants also have reinforced seams, along with triple-stitched seat and side seams. In addition, they have rivets at various areas, which are known for being stress points, thus preventing the likelihood of ripping considerably. 

Best Features: Rivets at stress points minimize the odds of ripping; sanded fabric for a “broken in” appearance and feeling

Price: $39.99 – Buy Dickies Carpenter Pants

Things to Know about Dickies Carpenter Pants 

With regards to composition, which types of Dickies carpenter pants should I consider purchasing? 

For utmost comfort, cotton pants are the most ideal, as they’re very soft. If you’re seeking highly flexible carpenter pants, you should purchase ones that feature polyester as well, as they’ll increase your on-the-job mobility. Pants comprised of spandex will enhance your mobility, too. 

Do I need to worry about shrinkage, especially if I purchase 100% (or nearly 100%) cotton pants? 

If they aren’t garment washed, yes. You’ll likely need to purchase pants that are one size larger than you normally would have. 

How can I ensure my carpenter pants are as durable as possible? 

Technology like LYCRA Tough Max is key. Due to this technology, any Dickies carpenter pants that feature it are substantially more durable than those that don’t. Additionally, ensure you follow Dickies’ guidelines, concerning cleaning and maintenance. 

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