Best Waterproof Gloves to Protect Your Hands on the Jobsite


Is there anything worse than having wet hands on your jobsites, especially when you need to grip your tools, handle various objects, and lift and move materials? Unfortunately, there is—cold and wet hands.

Once your hands become cold as well, there is arguably no type of discomfort that is worse. After all, if you have conditions like arthritis, recent burns or cuts, or scars from previous injuries, you’ll feel pain throughout your hands anytime they’re exposed to cold air for too long. Consequently, you’ll not only be unable to grip, handle or move items, but practically incapable of working, too.

However, there is a solution to these potentially painful issues: waterproof gloves. To protect your hands from cold temperatures, while also ensuring they remain dry at all times, consider purchasing one of the following five waterproof gloves. 

COOLJOB Waterproof Gloves

waterproof gloves

COOLJOB Waterproof Gloves.

Able to be used during all four seasons, these gloves feature latex coatings that are completely waterproof. Therefore, you’ll be able to easily grip any objects you need to, whether you’re working in heavy rain or snow. Featuring polyester bases that are very elastic and soft, leading to comfort and flexibility as you wear them, the gloves are also highly breathable. Consequently, your hands likely won’t become sweaty, even when you wear them for several hours at a time.

To further protect your hands as you work outside in blustery conditions—while being surrounded by potential hazards too—the gloves’ palms and fingers have twice as much latex as their remaining sections do. Furthermore, the gloves have long elastic cuffs, resulting in consistently tight fits.

Best Features: Elastic polyester bases; waterproof latex coatings

Price: $9.99 – Buy Waterproof Gloves

FREETOO Waterproof Gloves

waterproof gloves

FREETOO Waterproof Gloves.

Available in four sizes (small, medium, large and extra-large), these gloves have soft and warm fleece linings that ensure your hands will remain warm throughout your shifts. Yet, at the same time, you’ll be able to maintain your hands’ dryness too, as their exterior layers feature waterproof membranes. As a result, you’ll no longer have to be concerned about any negative impacts that cold temperatures, rain and snow have on your gripping abilities, hand comfort and overall job performances.

Oftentimes, when you think about wearing winter gloves, you may be concerned about how bulky they are, thus hindering your ability to hold onto items, even though your hands are warm. Thankfully, these gloves aren’t bulky at all, allowing you to hold onto practically any item, including slippery phones and tools.

Best Features: Fleece linings; waterproof membranes on exterior layers

Price: $15.99 – Buy Waterproof Gloves

KAYGO Waterproof Gloves

waterproof gloves

KAYGO Waterproof Gloves.

Offered in four colors (black, blue, orange and red), these gloves feature acrylic linings that will trap heat within your hands and prevent it from ever escaping. In turn, your hands will remain warm for many hours, even if you’re working in very cold conditions. At the same time, they also feature latex coatings, enabling them to remain waterproof on a consistent basis.

As a result of their flexibility and lightness, the gloves are comfortable, too. With this in mind, you’ll be able to wear them for long durations while conducting a wide array of job tasks, including those that require you to move your hands in various ways. While doing so, you’ll maintain tight grips on whichever objects you need to handle, lift and move—another significant benefit associated with their latex coatings.

Best Features: Acrylic linings; latex coatings

Price: $17.48 – Buy Waterproof Work Gloves

Toolant Waterproof Gloves

waterproof gloves

Toolant Waterproof Gloves.

Due to their nitrile coating formulation and acrylic thermal liners, these gloves can be worn in temperatures as low as -4℉, all while guaranteeing you’ll have the flexibility you need as you move your hands in different positions to conduct your job tasks. Aside from being used in extremely cold weather, the gloves can be worn in wet conditions too, as they’re also waterproof.

As a further example of their gripping capabilities, regardless of how wet they may become, the gloves are oil resistant as well, allowing you to handle practically any type of slippery item or substance. Additionally, since they’re available in several sizes—ranging from small to 2XL—nearly anyone can wear them and acquire comfortable, tight fits while doing so.

Best Features: Acrylic thermal liners; nitrile coatings

Price: $18.99 – Buy Waterproof Gloves

VGO Waterproof Gloves

waterproof gloves

VGO Waterproof Gloves.

From their 3M Thinsulate Insulation to their thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) waterproof linings, these gloves will help your hands remain warm and dry as you work in cold, snowy conditions. Alongside these key benefits, the gloves offer numerous positives that aren’t associated with warmth or dryness, too. For example, they’re also highly durable, as their leather palms have polyvinyl chloride (PVC) reinforcement.

Not to mention, the gloves feature ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) paddings as well, enabling them to absorb any impacts or vibrations your hands may encounter as you work. For further protection from impacts on your jobsites, the gloves feature thermoplastic rubber (TPR) knuckle guards, too. And, if necessary, you can also use your phones and tablets while wearing them since their thumbs and index fingertips are touchscreen compatible.

Best Features: 3M Thinsulate Insulation; TPU waterproof linings

Price: $39.98 – Buy Waterproof Gloves

Why Buy Waterproof Gloves?

As mentioned earlier, there is debatably nothing worse than having cold, wet hands while attempting to complete your construction job tasks. Not only will you be highly uncomfortable, but you also likely won’t reach your full potential either, as you’ll be unable to grip any items the way you typically do.

But, above all else, cold, wet hands can be dangerous. From frostbite, to hypothermia, to the potential long-term damage to (or even removal of) fingers, you simply can’t underestimate the risks that are involved whenever your hands are cold and wet, espeically for more than a few minutes.

To avoid the dangers of such coldness and wetness altogether, purchase a pair of waterproof gloves as soon as possible. You’ll notice an immediate, positive impact on your comfort, health and productivity.

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