Best Work Boots for Women on Construction Sites


When it comes to working on construction sites or even just outdoor environments, having a durable type of footwear is a must. But, it can be tough to find a quality work boot for women. Working in the elements and trekking through things like mud, sand and rocks can make a worker’s life miserable if they are not wearing tough and comfortable boots.

Construction sites can be hazardous and footwear that can protect workers’ feet from falling objects or sharp objects on the ground are essential. Women in the construction industry need quality work boots in order to do the best work that they can.

If you are looking for footwear that keeps you safe, comfortable and dry, you should check out work boots for women.

Blapek’s Steel Toe Work Boots for Women

work boots for women

Blapek’s Steel Toe Work Boots.

With five color variations, this work boot is a great option for many people. The boots are shock-absorbent and anti-punture. These qualities make for safer walking on job sites. Additionally, the boots are anti-smash with their steel-toe design which protects workers from most dropped objects. Since the boots will likely be worn during the full work day, the breathability and moisture-wicking insoles are important features. The insoles are also shock absorbing which is important when on your feet all day.

Construction sites can be filled with slippery surfaces — debris along with the occasional water puddle or maybe oil or grease spots. This is why Blapek’s slip and oil-resistant outsoles are so useful. These work boots also prevent static electricity with their anti-static wires in the insoles.

Blapek’s work boots for women have an additional safety feature noticeable on the outside of the boot — reflective strips. Reflective strips ensure better visibility in low lighting.

Best Feature: Anti-smash toes

Price: $59.99 — Buy Work Boots for Women

Shoes for Crews’ Industrial Boot for Women

work boots for women

Shoes for Crews’ Industrial Boot.

The Shoes for Crews work boot comes in just one color - black. There are padded tongues and collars for added comfort and to prevent rubbing during wear. There are dual density insoles to make standing on your feet all day more manageable and comfortable. With water-resistant treatment, the Shoes for Crews work boot is able to repel liquid from spills, puddles, or rain - keeping your feet dry all day long.

This work boot option has steel toes that protect against potential punctures from sharp objects or impacts from falling objects. It also has electrical hazard protection - which protects up to 18000 volts - to fight the possibility of electric shock. Construction sites often have slippery surfaces so it’s helpful that these boots are slip-resistant and can give you enough traction to stay safer on the jobsite.

Best Feature: Electrical hazard protection

Price: $74.43 — Buy Work Boots for Women

Skechers’ Lace-up Work Boots for Women

work boots for women

Skechers’ Lace-up Work Boots.

This work boot comes in three colors, all pretty neutral colors which makes for a sleek and simple look. These boots are machine washable which makes care much easier for construction workers. There is a safety toe feature to help prevent toe injury in the event of falling objects. Using 3M Scotchgard, the boots are water resistant to help keep out any rain or spilled liquids.

Skechers’ boots feature air-cooled memory foam insoles that are useful for long days on the construction site. Not only will it help keep your feet cool, but it will also give comforting cushioning all day. Additional comfort is provided by the padded collar of the boots which helps ensure there is minimal to zero rubbing.

The boots are lightweight and have good tread on the outsoles to make walking around on any ground type easier.

Best Feature: Machine washable

Price: $85.00 — Buy Work Boots for Women

CAT’s Waterproof Work Boot for Women

work boots for women

CAT’s Waterproof Work Boot.

These boots come in three color options and have a few features that aid in wearing comfort. One of these features is the molded EVA footbed and the other is the molded PU midsole. These two features help with shock absorption, durability and more comfortable walking/standing. There is a mesh lining that adds breathability for the wearer. 

Construction sites are full of low traction surfaces which makes this boot’s slip-resistant outsoles so useful. The boots are also waterproof to help keep your feet dry and protected in any kind of weather or environment. With steel toes, CAT’s work boots are safer against impacts and even compressions to the boot - keeping your feet as secure as possible. These boots also have electrical hazard protection up to 600 volts which will help fight possible electrical shocks from stepping on wires left unattended.

Best Feature: Slip-resistant

Price: $109.95 — Buy Work Boots for Women

Carhartt’s Construction Work Boot for Women

work boots for women

Carhartt’s Construction Work Boot.

Carhartt’s work boots are offered in two colors - black and brown. The boots have multilayer shock-absorbing layers to provide better foot comfort. There are also cushioning layers for comfort and improved fit. The PU cushion insoles increase comfort levels and decrease foot fatigue. The boot design provides ankle support and cushioning. The boots aren’t too clunky which will help your feet and body not get as tired trekking around the jobsite.

With electrical hazard safety toes, these boots guard your feet and consequently your body, from up to 18,000 volts of electricity. The safety toes also help protect against compression and impacts, keeping your feet safe on the construction site. The outsole is cement constructed which provides better durability for the boots and you as you walk. The FastDry Technology Lining prevents sweat build-up and keeps the boots comfortable.

Best Feature: Safety toe

Price: $139.95 — Buy Work Boots for Women

Why Buy Work Boots for Women?

Work boots for women can come in handy when working in the construction industry. Construction sites are often filled with hazards, many pertaining to the surfaces you have to walk on. Things fall or are spilled and you have to know that your feet are as protected as they can be. That is why having work boots is so important. Women have been working on construction sites for a long time and their safety is just as important so quality work boots for women need to be available.

IRONPROS advises that you do your own research and pick out the product that is best suited for you. There are varying prices when it comes to work boots and we encourage you to take your personal needs and budget into consideration. Whichever product you choose, you are sure to have safe and happy feet.

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