Top 5 Carhartt Carpenter Pants for Summer Construction

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Since its founding in 1889, Carhartt has consistently offered a variety of workwear options to choose from, each of which has been developed to withstand practically any element. Today, the company has countless workwear items to choose from, including its increasingly popular carpenter pants.

Created to provide simultaneous comfort and durability, the manufacturer’s carpenter pants can be utilized in nearly any type of condition—on virtually any type of jobsite—regardless of how long your shifts tend to last. To acquire comfort and durability concurrently (among other benefits), consider buying one of the following five carpenter pants.

Duck, Relaxed Fit, Rugged Flex, Utility Carhartt Carpenter Pants

Offering variety in several ways—five lengths, eight colors and 18 waist sizes—these heavyweight, durable pants will enable you to easily bend, kneel and stretch on your jobsites. After all, they’re comprised of Rugged Flex, a stretch technology that guarantees you’ll have a complete range of motion while conducting your job tasks. For further stretchability, the 12-ounce pants have been developed with two primary materials: cotton (99%) and spandex duck (1%).

To ensure you have even more comfort, the pants have a relaxed fit too, leading to additional spaciousness around your hips and thighs, when compared to some other pants on the market. And since they have numerous back, front and side pockets, you’ll be able to easily carry many tools with you, while moving from one jobsite to the next.

Best Features: Rugged Flex technology; various pockets

Price: $35.99 - $64.99 – Buy Carhartt Carpenter Pants

Duck, Rugged Flex, Utility Double-knee Carhartt Carpenter Pants

Available in three colors, four lengths and 11 waist sizes, these pants have been created with durability and comfort in mind. Comprised of heavyweight cotton duck material, the pants—which are 99% cotton and 1% spandex duck—will allow you to effortlessly conduct your job tasks, whether you have to climb ladders, kneel down or squat.

To ensure you have even more comfort on the job, the 12-ounce pants also have double-layer knees, enabling you to wear knee pads whenever necessary. Since they’re compatible with Carhartt knee pads, the pants will protect your knees from nearly any surface, allowing you to work on them for hours on end. Featuring back and front pockets, along with a utility loop, the pants will help you carry various tools on your jobsites, too.

Best Features: Double-layer knees; heavyweight cotton duck material

Price: $69.97 - $74.99 – Buy Carhartt Carpenter Pants

Loose Fit, Canvas, Utility Carhartt Carpenter Pants

To ensure you have plenty of space around your hips and thighs, these pants provide a loose fit, leading to plenty of comfort, regardless of where (or how long) you have to work. As a result of this loose fit, you’ll also have a higher range of motion as you strive to complete various types of job tasks, whether you’re bending, climbing, kneeling or stretching. And since the pants have a loose fit, you’ll be able to fit them over practically any type of work boot without any hassle whatsoever.

For an even higher range of motion, the pants are lightweight too, as they only weigh 7.5 ounces, due to their 100% cotton ringspun canvas composition. Make no mistake though: despite their lightness, these pants are durable as well—from their reinforced back pockets to their sewn-on-seam belt loops.

Best Features: 100% cotton ringspun canvas composition; light, loose fit

Price: $34.00 - $49.99 – Buy Carhartt Carpenter Pants

Loose Fit, Washed Duck, Utility Carhartt Carpenter Pants

Providing the same amount of durability as other Carhartt duck pants do, these offerings are softer though, as they’re comprised of 100% cotton ringspun washed duck canvas. In addition to their softness, these pants offer comfort in another key way—they have a loose fit. Consequently, you’ll have plenty of space around your hips and thighs, enabling you to have a higher range of motion as you complete job tasks that require considerable bending, kneeling and stretching.

Available in 18 waist sizes, four colors and four lengths, the pants’ 12-ounce, heavyweight duck canvas is robust as well, allowing you to potentially wear them for long durations. To ensure longevity, you must properly maintain them though. For example, don’t ever bleach, dry clean or iron them. And always machine wash them on a cold, gentle cycle.

Best Features: 100% cotton for softness; 18 waist sizes

Price: $49.99 - $54.99 – Buy Carhartt Carpenter Pants

Relaxed Fit, Twill, Utility Carhartt Carpenter Pants

Unlike the other carpenter pants that have been mentioned, these pants are comprised of 9.25-ounce, 100% cotton ringspun peached twill, resulting in softness and comfort. However, they offer numerous similarities, too. First off, they’re available in various colors (three), lengths (four) and waist sizes (14), enabling you to have plenty of options to choose from. Not to mention, they provide ample space, thereby ensuring you can effortlessly move around while wearing them.

Featuring a hammer loop, reinforced back pockets, and several tool and utility pockets, the pants also have a straight leg opening. In turn, they can be worn over virtually any type of work boot. To acquire each of these benefits long term, avoid bleaching, dry cleaning and ironing them. Additionally, you should machine wash them on a cold gentle cycle every single time.

Best Features: 100% cotton ringspun peached twill; hammer loop

Price: $44.99 - $49.99 – Buy Carhartt Carpenter Pants

Why Buy Carhartt Carpenter Pants?

If you’re seeking pants that will offer you comfort and spaciousness long term, look no further than Carhartt’s carpenter pants! They’ll increase your range of motion, thus ensuring you’re confident in conducting practically any job task you’re assigned, no matter how often you have to bend or stretch to complete them. At the same time, they’ll provide you plenty of storage options for your tools, too. As a result, you won’t have to leave your jobsite to replace one tool with another.

Committed to variety, Carhartt’s carpenter pants offer several sizes and colors to choose from as well. Therefore, almost anyone can wear them, regardless of their sizes or color preferences. And, finally, due to their compositions (and, in turn, softness and robustness), nearly everyone will want to wear them—for hours at a time and, potentially, for years to come.


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