Buying Enterprise Construction Software? Watch This First.


Even if a construction executive takes the time to read software terms and conditions, it doesn't help if they don't understand the terms and conditions. That's why we are joined once again on Construction Tech Talk by Pemeco CEO Jonathan Gross. Gross explains the structure of a software contract and how small details can have huge implications for the success of that technology in a contracting business.

IRONPROS: So why don't you share some things where you think that there might be risk that folks may want to be aware of and mitigate. And also, the contract is going to give them an idea of whether or not they're really getting multi-tenant software-as-a-service or something else entirely.

JONATHAN GROSS: Let's hit that second point first. We'll walk through the structure of the contracts in a minute, but that's really, really important. So you know, you go through this marketing and sales process with the technology vendor. They're selling you their cloud system or the right to use their cloud system but the question you're asking is--"is this really the cloud solution as it's marketed." Is it truly ...

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