An Interview with InEight's AJ Waters


IRONPROS caught up with InEight Vice President of Industry Solutions AJ Waters to learn more about their construction project management and business software suite.

IRONPROS: AJ, you've got a single platform, but modular pieces of functionality that people can choose and subscribe to depending on their needs. Are there certain points in that functional stack, that people tend to come in with? Like ... door openers?

WATERS: That's a really good question. So historically, what we've seen the best door openers are usually in pre-construction. Estimating is a good door opener. Document controls are a good door opener. And scheduling is a good door opener for us, mainly because people are using point systems for that already, so they're used to that. But the other reason being, estimating is where you begin the project or document control is where you begin the project when you get the drawings the first time. So if you if you come into the platform in a place where you start the project, it's easier to pick up the rest down the line ... stream our full conversation for more.

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