New Site Printer Features from Dusty Robotics at Autodesk University


Here, Dusty Robotics Vice President of Sales Erroin Martin gives us an update on new developments from the originator of the interior field printer category, and Commercial Sales Account Executive Jeff Perry gives us a demo of some of the capabilities launched at Autodesk University.

IRONPROS: We're here at Autodesk University in Las Vegas. And I was here just last week, at a different event, where there were more companies in this field printer category that had various product announcements, some of them that might use an inverted spray can to mark on the ground for things like roadway pre-marking, are expanding into things like foundations. We saw CIV Robotics, which also uses inverted spray cans, moving from their survey staking side of things also into roadway pre-marking with their new CivDash. And you've got your own product.

MARTIN: We have a field printer and we're doing a number of things--bringing the physical world, the digital world, the physical world together. A field printer takes your BIM file, your CAD drawing, and any information you want to put in the field, we print that on the ground at 1/16 inch of accuracy. So we're able to do door swings, we're able to do multi-trade layout with MEP and the framing all at the same time on the same floor, streamlining communication, streamlining efficiency, and increasing the speed of progress for our customers.

IRONPROS: I've been following you guys for a while, and to my way of thinking you're really the first in terms of that interior build out field printer. But you, you aren't just resting on your laurels, are you?

MARTIN: No, we're not, We're actually improving. We're doing a lot more. We're doing more not just in the hardware space, but also in the software space. So we're releasing a number of our products in Q1 early next year, such as taking a Revit file Revit Plugin all the way through the process into the field, moving from a tablet to an iPad, which is a big technological leap for us, and ... STREAM THE FULL CONVERSATION AND DEMO FOR MORE ...

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