IoT for Construction Risk Reduction


Water leaks in a building under construction are expensive and disruptive. This holds true as well after commissioning, during the productive life of the asset.

DYCIAN: What we do is analyze water in buildings identify problems, which means leaks that are damaging or leaks that are wasteful. And we then alert and shut off valves. We are used by GCs all over the world, to protect them against the damage of water leaks, and by organizations from Microsoft, the Empire State Building, to help them prevent damage on their facilities. We also help them remain sustainable, save water, reduce carbon emissions.

IRONPROS: You know, what I found really intriguing about this product set is like sure, there's some proprietary technology in the cloud. But what you've got on the hardware side of the product is fairly standard. So, what can you tell us about the things that make up the solution?

DYCIAN: So the solution is, you know, from a physical perspective, pretty simple. There's a valve and a meter standard off the shelf, we buy them off of any supplier. We can integrate with a lot of different equipment manufacturers. And then there's a processing device that analyzes the readings from the meter, it uses AI signal processing a whole slew of technologies to get smart about what's going on at that location, what's normal, and what's abnormal. And the brains are in that processing. So that's where really we put all of the efforts ... STREAM THE FULL CONVERSATION FOR MORE ...