Autodesk Tandem Announcement--Exclusive Details from Autodesk University


Today at its Autodesk University event in New Orleans, the design software leader announced enhanced functionality for Autodesk Tandem, building connections deeper into the facility and asset lifecycle.

These advancements will improve collaboration and unify workflows across teams that design, build, and operate the built environment, extending the value of building information modeling (BIM) for owners and operators.

Autodesk is pushing downstream into the owner/operators' segment with Autodesk Tandem, iOffice + SpaceIQ and Innovyze.

IronPros put questions to Autodesk Tandem Vice President Bob Bray to determine what this actually means.

IP: Are there specific operational applications this functionality will support through standard integrations, or is there some integration framework that facilitates one-off integrations? Or is there an industry-standard data format that is widely supported?

BB: We have a standard integration with Microsoft Azure IoT Hub, which allows for integration with many different types of devices. In addition, we have a simple method for forwarding data from any internet connected device to Autodesk Tandem. Data standards in this area are still evolving, but many connected devices support the MQTT protocol that is supported directly by Azure.

IP: Are you anticipating this will be used by contractors engaged in aftermarket service, EPCs supporting operations, maintenance and service (OMS) contracts or more strictly by the asset owner?

BB: Today we are engaged with customers that span this spectrum. We see a lot of interest in our traditional AEC customer base expanding their business to provide digital twin delivery and/or management services. We also have quite a bit of engagement with owners who are looking to gain operational efficiency. Primarily these are owners that manage a large and/or complex portfolio like health care, data centers, retail, and commercial office space.

 IP: Does the application now or will it in the future collect information beyond energy consumption, i.e. structural stability, moisture, performance of mechanical systems, etc.?

BB: Tandem can work with any type of sensor attached to any type of asset in the facility. At AU we’ll be demonstrating our Autodesk Toronto office in Tandem, with data being streamed into Tandem from ~90 devices that are part of the Building Management System. Each device provides readings for temperature, humidity, CO2, and air flow. That office also has custom-made “Sensor Kits” built by Autodesk’s research team. These desk mounted sensor kits provide measurements for CO2, humidity, light, motion, air pressure, sound, and temperature. 



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