Sandvik Upgrades 800i Cone Crushers with Smart Features

Operators can connect the cone crushers to the cloud for monitoring and insights.


Sandvik has released upgraded 800i cone crushers with new ACS-c 5. The machines feature smart capabilities that allow operators to connect the machine to the cloud.

“The upgraded 800i crushers with new ACS-c 5 are a natural next step in setting the bar for crushing. Their ideal combination of high crushing forces, reliability and simplicity make them easier to operate, manage, maintain and service—leading to productivity and uptime gains that are gamechangers for operational performance,” said Javier Valdeavellano, Sandvik lifecycle manager 800i cone crushers.

The latest 800i crushers with new ACS-c 5 combine a simple mechanical design with powerful automation to better support diverse operational roles. Having access to operational insights, combined with simplicity and reliability supports the team’s ability to run a smooth operation while reaching their targets.

Smart Crushing

Sandvik 800i crushers are designed from the ground up to maximize tonnage of the desired end product. Simply select the right chamber configuration, set the crusher program for the automation system and start crushing.

These crushers have evolved with new mechanical and automation features that simplify service and troubleshooting, improve safety and optimize performance.

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Operation and Data

The 800i crushers can be used in HGPR circuits. They crush more and deliver fine particle sizes to the downstream processes.

800i crushers are ready to be connected to the SAM by Sandvik cloud-based digital assistant, a data capture and analysis service supporting operations with crushing and screening plants.

“SAM collects information from all your connected Sandvik equipment to provide a complete overview of your entire operation. Look at the status of your connected equipment, communicate across teams, view alerts and notifications, pro-actively order spare parts and much more. The new SAM mobile app for iOS and Android allows you to have access to crusher data and insights in your pocket,” said Ali Jumaa, Sandvik digital solution specialist.

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