Sandvik Expands Electric Line, Unveils UJ443E Heavy Jaw Crusher


Sandvik Mobile Crushers and Screens has launched the fully electric, UJ443E heavy jaw crusher, adding to its growing portfolio of sustainable equipment. The Sandvik UJ443E is built upon a new ‘fully electric’ track platform and features high quality componentry throughout, as well as the latest generation Sandvik CJ412 jaw crusher.

Its new modular feed station includes a larger hopper, two feeder options with larger grizzly cassettes and an optional under screen for greater natural fines extraction before crushing, allowing operators to optimize their process flow depending on feed conditions and material.

Capable of operating in rugged environments, the UJ443E is designed for hard and abrasive rock applications.

Going Electric

Aligning with Sandvik’s “make the shift strategy”, the UJ443E has been designed with an increased focus on sustainability and durability, whilst retaining the look, feel and value proposition customers’ demand.

It features electric final drives and an onboard genset, meaning it can be operated in a more sustainable way, being powered by either an external electricity supply, HVO or diesel from the onboard genset. Operating whilst connected to the external electric source can bring several advantages.

The UJ443E features a 125-amp downstream connection which allows customers to operate a downstream plant such as a screener or scalper, providing up to 20% decrease in fuel consumption compared to running separate units.

electric crusher

Sandvik UJ443E.

Components and Connectivity

The UJ443E offers a user-friendly mobile solution, manufactured using the highest quality components onboard, with controls and maintenance points located conveniently at ground level.

To minimize downtime and maximize the uptime, UJ443E is quick to set up and close-down and is equipped with a new crusher unblock system to clear any blockages from the jaw crusher.

UJ443E comes with improved access to maintenance, including new access platform under and a newly designed automatically locking folding hopper sides, that can be operated from ground level.

The new automation system with Optik intuitive user experience, includes simplified operation controls and total integration with our My Fleet telematics solution. Diagnostic support, pre-installed guides for troubleshooting and real time information allows customers to know exactly how their equipment is being utilized.

With a host of new innovative features on the UJ443E, we break boundaries, so you can crush rock.

electric crusher

Sandvik UJ443E.


  • Fully electric track drives
  • Redesigned feed station with patent pending hydraulic lift function
  • Larger feed hopper is provided with a patent pending folding and locking mechanism
  • Two feeder options: vibrating grizzly for clean rock or a vibrating grizzly with under-screen for rock containing fines
  • The 1,400-mm (55-in.) wide main conveyor is now angle adjustable and extended with remote hydraulic lock out and a height adjustable over band magnet
  • Larger bypass chute and optional natural fines conveyor, with 650-mm / 26-in. wide belt and a 3.5-m / 12-ft. stockpile
  • Enhanced connectivity features, providing the operator with live operating parameters, heavy duty electric drive and onboard hydraulics for CSS setting regulation
  • The jaw crusher assembly can be removed for transport
  • The crusher unblock software reduces the need for an onboard rock hammer

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