BOMAG Updates CR 1030 Series Track Paver with New Features

New for the CR 1030 T Series is the independent Auger/Conveyor system, with an outboard auger drive system. This machine is powered by a 225-hp Cummins QSB 6.7 engine.


The Future highway-class BOMAG CR 1030 Series 10-ft (3.0-m) track paver, available for the 2025 paving season, features multiple design updates that improve operations and increase mat quality by reducing segregation occurrence.

The new human-machine interface (HMI) features grouped functions on tractor console and a new screed control system with integrated MOBA automation features. For the console, similar functions such as the hopper, screed and feed controls are grouped together to allow identification and adjustment.

A 7-in. (177.8-mm) multifunction color screen display at each console offers a new experience for the operator with multiple configurable detailed screens.

By providing both a touchscreen display and a remote dial control option, operators can navigate and adjust settings even in situations where using a touchscreen may be impractical, such as when wearing gloves.

Incorporating fault code visibility on the touchscreen monitor is a smart feature for machine serviceability and troubleshooting. By alerting operators to paver issues directly on the monitor, they can promptly address problems that arise during operation.

This real-time feedback enables identification and resolution of machine issues at the jobsite. Overall, this feature demonstrates a proactive approach to maintenance and service.

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New for the CR 1030 T Series is the independent Auger/Conveyor system, with an outboard auger drive system. This new design allows the conveyors and auger to run independently of each other, with a two or four (optional) sensor control system. The raisable or fixed outboard driven auger system, which is a product from the CR Remix paver design, will improve visibility into the conveyor discharge area, as well as eliminate segregation in that area, resulting in better mat quality.

The new BOMAG CR 1030 T rubber track paver is powered by the 225 hp (167.7 kW) Cummins QSB 6.7 engine meeting the latest emission standards. Operator visibility into the 14-ton (12.7-tonne) hopper is enhanced by the paver’s sloped hood design.

It retains many of the legacy CR series features, including optional FRAME RAISE with fixed augers to improve mat quality and SMARTRAC system that automatically maintains proper track tension. BOMAG’s SIDEVIEW allows each seat and console to swivel outward at four different angles for unobstructed views to the paver sides and screed end gate.

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