Leica Geosystems Releases iCON 120 Machine Smart Antenna

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Leica Geosystems

Leica Geosystems, part of Hexagon, has announced the launch of Leica iCON gps 120 — a smart antenna designed to empower construction professionals with scalable and flexible machine control solutions.

The new Leica iCON 120 Machine Smart Antenna is integrated into the existing Leica MC1 solution platform. Thanks to its flexibility, scalability and modularity, it extends the machine control solution offering to more applications and machine types. Construction machines like compaction rollers, which usually require only sub-metre accuracy without heading, can now be equipped with a tailor-made Leica MC1 machine control solution.

This allows operations and consistent workflows between heavy construction equipment that vary in application requirements.

Construction customers can start with a single GNSS solution using a satellite-based augmentation system (SBAS) or HxGN SmartNet PPP service. Once they need to advance their systems to higher specifications, they can upgrade to an RTK solution with low or high accuracy by adding the communication unit Leica CR50. With a second iCON gps 120 Machine Smart Antenna, customers get a dual GNSS solution with heading.

Moreover, the antennas can be switched between Leica MC1 prepared machines, thanks to the quick disconnect system.

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“Leica Geosystems' innovative and flexible solutions are robust enablers of digital construction workflows,” said Tommi Kauppinen, vice president, Heavy Construction, Machine Control Field Solutions at Leica Geosystems. “The iCON gps 120 Machine Smart Antenna expands the machine control technology possibilities on the construction site by offering scalable solutions to even more machines and applications.”

The Leica iCON construction portfolio offers a range of hardware and software to fit every construction professional’s needs. With the Leica iCON portfolio, Leica Geosystems provides customers with the power of choice: They can select from various digital solutions based on their specific machine and application needs. Whether they require basic functionality or more advanced applications, the Leica iCON portfolio offers matching solutions.

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