The Weiler Watch Asset Management System

Weiler Watch

The Weiler Watch asset management system provides customers with extensive fleet management capabilities for Weiler material transfer vehicles. Weiler Watch is currently available for Weiler material transfer vehicles and offered with a one, three or five year initial subscription.

  • Access from a computer, tablet or phone with real-time location, hours, status and fluid levels.
  • Analyze fleet utilization with runtime performance including working hours, idle hours and fuel burn rates with the ability to establish target runtimes, compare daily working hours and fuel consumption.
  • Machine specific wear life calculations based on wear component measurements allows for maximum life of wear components and the ability to schedule maintenance for minimal downtime.
  • View machine fault codes with status, source, description and type at last reported time or utilize Rapid Report to access real-time diagnostics for the engine, drivetrain, feeder system, sensors and CAN system.
  • Receive notification of next scheduled maintenance requirements and log activities to a service history for each asset.
  • Customize to your needs with custom reports, user access, geofences and notifications to best fit the needs of your company.

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