Comfortable, Durable Asphalt Boots


Choosing a work boot is one of the more important decisions you have to make when getting ready to start a job in the asphalt industry. RDI Footwear has several boots that are suited for the application, but in this video we discuss the VENTURE Sealcoating Boot and the two types of PAVER Asphalt Boots available. 

The PAVER Series Workboots: Designed and engineered to meet the challenging needs of the paving and asphalting professional. Featuring a textured and tread-less, heat resistant NBR rubber soles. The PAVER, unlike standard work boots, will not collect asphalt or aggregates within the sole, adding to the working life and walking comfort of your footwear.

The EVA Series Workboots: The most comprehensive, lightweight, and durable EVA footwear product line in the market. Available in 11" or 14" and black or white. Seamless EVA construction is 100% waterproof and stays soft and flexible in all temperatures. Up to 70% lighter than PVC or Rubber Footwear, RDI Footwear’s Work Light boots keep you comfortable on the longest of workdays. Available in safety-toe and non-safety models, with a wide selection of outsole treads and materials, the Work Light provides the resistance, durability, traction, and comfort you need for the job.

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