11 Safety Toe VENTURE Series Boots


The most comprehensive, lightweight, and durable EVA footwear product line in the market. Seamless EVA construction is 100% waterproof and stays soft and flexible in all temperatures. Up to 70% lighter than PVC or Rubber Footwear, RDI FootwearÕs Work Light boots keep you comfortable on the longest of workdays. Available in safety-toe and non-safety models, with a wide selection of outsole treads and materials, the Work Light provides the resistance, durability, traction, and comfort you need for the job.

Boot Options
14 EVA, 11 EVA, 14 EVA Safety Boot
(Available in Black or White

Sole Options
EVA: Ethyl Vinyl Acetate - Ultra light weight
PU: Polyurethane - Lightweight, flexible, slip resistant, durable
R Grip: RDI's Rubber anti slip tread sole provides the highest level of slip resistance
Work Grip: RDI's Multi surface rubber sole with PU Midsole

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