Top 5 Ariat Steel Toe Boots for On-the-job Protection

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Oftentimes, as you prepare to purchase yet another pair of work boots, one question tends to arise: Should I purchase composite toe or steel toe work boots?

Undoubtedly, they both offer a variety of benefits. As is the case with nearly any type of construction workwear, it really comes down to you and your specific needs. If you’re seeking comfort, durability and, above all else, on-the-job protection from a myriad of elements—especially if you work in hazardous environments and on slippery surfaces—look no further than steel toe boots!

While preparing to purchase such boots, numerous manufacturers come to mind, including Ariat, a company that has specialized in providing high-quality boots for 31 years. Presently, the manufacturer offers dozens of steel toe boots to choose from, five of which particularly stand out to IRONPROS, due to their comfort, durability and protective capabilities.

Ariat Steel Toe Boots: Cascade 8-in.-wide Square Toe

To minimize your likelihood of injuries, these boots feature oil- and slip-resistant Duratread soles. As a result of these soles, which meet ASTM F3445 standards, you’ll be able to confidently work on practically any surface and focus on your specific task at hand. After all, you’ll no longer have to worry about where you’re walking and what might occur if you step on the wrong surface.

Aside from their oil and slip resistance, the boots will protect you in a variety of other ways, too. First, they meet ASTM F2413 standards, as they’re electrical hazard resistant. Second, they feature ATS technology, leading to support on nearly any type of surface, including very uneven terrain. And, finally, due to their cushioning, Extreme Durability Platforms and steel toes, they’ll further protect you from the elements, while concurrently providing comfort and durability.

Best Features: Duratread soles; Extreme Durability Platforms

Price: $169.95 – Buy Ariat Steel Toe Boots

Ariat Steel Toe Boots: Groundbreaker Chelsea Waterproof

Available in 13 sizes, ranging from 7 to 14, these boots will help your feet remain dry and comfortable, even as you work on long, hot summer days. Due to their constructions—as they’re comprised of DRYShield—they’re highly breathable and waterproof, which virtually eliminates any likelihood of long-term heat and sweat. Additionally, since they utilize 4LR technology, they’re also lightweight, resulting in further comfort as you walk long distances on your jobsites all summer long.

Along with enhancing your on-the-job comfort, the boots will increase your safety as well. For starters, they’re electrical hazard resistant, enabling you to work around electricity whenever necessary. And, of equal importance, like the Cascade boots, the Groundbreaker Chelsea offering will reduce your fall risks, as they have oil- and slip-resistant Duratread soles, too.

Best Features: 4LR technology; DRYShield compositions

Price: $169.95 – Buy Ariat Steel Toe Boots

Ariat Steel Toe Boots: Terrain Wide Square Toe

As is the case with Ariat’s Cascade and Groundbreaker Chelsea boots, the Terrain offering has been developed for long-term comfort and safety. As an example of this two-fold commitment, the boots feature Duratread soles, which will reduce your likelihood of slipping and falling, regardless of how slippery your work surfaces are. Furthermore, they meet ASTM F2413 standards, as they’re electrical hazard resistant, allowing you to work in a wider array of environments.

To simultaneously enhance your comfort, the boots utilize ATS technology, leading to consistent support as you steadily walk on uneven terrain. In addition, they feature lightweight EVA midsoles that will absorb any shocks your feet may have otherwise endured, while walking on hard, rough and unpredictable surfaces. Not to mention, they also have moisture-wicking linings, enabling you to wear them in hot, humid conditions.

Best Features: ATS technology; lightweight EVA midsoles

Price: $124.95 - $128.43 – Buy Ariat Steel Toe Boots

Ariat Steel Toe Boots: Treadfast 6-in. Waterproof

Offered in 16 sizes, ranging from 6 to 15, these boots provide flexibility in a variety of ways, aside from their lengths. For instance, they can be used on a wide assortment of surfaces, as they feature Ariat’s Duratread soles. Providing a high wear resistance, the soles are resistant to oils and, in turn, slips. Therefore, you can wear them virtually anywhere—without having to be nearly as concerned about fall-related injuries as you might have previously been.

In addition to this flexibility, the boots are renowned for their comfort. Utilizing 4LR technology, leading to their lightness, stability and support, they are also highly breathable, allowing you to wear them as temperatures approach 100℉. Offering DRYShield waterproof constructions, the boots have mesh linings too, resulting in further breathability and comfort.

Best Features: 16 sizes; DRYShield waterproof constructions

Price: $104.95- $113.73 – Buy Ariat Steel Toe Boots

Ariat Steel Toe Boots: Treadfast 8-in. Waterproof

Similar to the 6-inch-high Treadfast boots, these boots are available in 16 sizes as well (again, ranging from 6 to 15), enabling nearly everyone to wear them. For further flexibility, the boots can be used on numerous surfaces, as they also have Duratread soles, allowing you to walk on oily, slippery surfaces safely and effectively. As a result, like other Ariat steel toe boot offerings, they meet ASTM F3445 safety standards for slip resistance—a confidence booster as you walk on various types of surfaces this summer.

Some key differences are noticeable though, too. First, unlike the Treadfast 6-inch boots, these boots are 8 inches high. Moreover, they feature polyester linings, half of which have been recycled. For additional protection, their heels and toes have ExGuards as well, thereby increasing their durability and, consequently, lifespans.

Best Features: ExGuards on heels and toes; polyester linings that are 50% recycled

Price: $139.95 - $149.99 – Buy Ariat Steel Toe Boots

Why Buy Ariat Steel Toe Boots?

As evidenced above, there are ample reasons to purchase Ariat’s steel toe boots. Whether you’re seeking to minimize your fall risk—leading to a decline in serious injuries, downtime and lost productivity and earnings—or you’re striving to enhance your overall foot comfort, each of these five boots will provide you exactly what you’re looking for.

The significance of reliable treads, enhanced walkability on slippery, uneven surfaces, and protection from many electrical hazards can’t be stressed enough. Likewise, the necessity for breathability, lightness and moisture wicking capabilities must not be overlooked either, especially on the long, hot summer days you’ll soon be encountering.

By purchasing either of these five Airat steel toe boots, you’ll immediately notice these benefits, among countless others, from cushioning, to shock absorption, to several sizes to choose from. Now is the time to witness each of these benefits firsthand!

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