380kW/1800rpm China-Ⅲ compliant
56000 kg (Standard)
QSX 15

Power System
The imported Cummins QSX15 engine is equipped, featuring reliable quality and strong power. The engine features high thermal efficiency and good fuel economy. Its ECO mode in combination with the machine reduces the fuel consumption by approximately 15% compared with its Power mode.
Shantui’s proprietary patented power match technology combines with Linde’s high-efficiency hydraulic parts to promote the efficiency of machine drive system. The automatic load-adaptive function, the reverse gear acceleration function, and the pivot steering function further shorten the adjustment time of the machine and improve the comprehensive construction efficiency.

Control system
In terms of machine control function, the machine control program of multi-pump multi-motor hydrostatic system automatically adapts the machine speed to the load, requiring no manual adjustment of gears. The “Power mode” and the “ECO mode” can be switched over at any time to adapt to the working needs. The steering accuracy control, the trackslip rate control, the reverse gear accelerator control, the speed presetting, the pedal mode setting, and the automatic idling functions perfectly adapt to the operating habits of every operator.
The automatic control function of coolant temperature and hydraulic oil temperature automatically adjusts the heat dissipating power to maintain the system working at most appropriate temperature.
The automatic malfunction diagnosis, rating, and warning, the seat belt reminder, the body status indicator, the emergency stop switch, the reversing camera, and the access passage lamp improve the operating safety of the machine.

Driving/Riding Environment
The sound-absorbing material is arranged at reasonable positions to control the machine noise far below the industry’s standard requirement.
The imported Sears air-cushioned seat features comfortable cushioning and easy adjustment and the optional cushion heater function is offered.
The seat inclined rightward by 15° with respect to the axis of machine body eases the observation of the ripper working status and improves the operating comfort of the ripper.
Both traveling device and working device are operated by single joystick to achieve high simpleness and flexibility and ensure the easy start for non-experienced operators.
The integrated A/C system optimizes the air output positions. The humanized equipment, including multimedia terminal, cigarette lighter, 12V external power supply, USB charging port, and sun shade, are integrated.

Working adaptability
The machine adopts electronically controlled hydrostatic drive system to achieve good load self-adaptability, loaded and pivot steering capability, stepless speed regulation, and high flexibility and efficiency and realize outstanding construction performance in narrow sites.
The chassis system features long ground length and high ground clearance and the type K suspension structure of track rollers guarantees stable driving and excellent trafficability.
The standard LED working lamps of higher illuminating intensity improve the illuminating capability during nighttime operations to achieve higher safety and reliability.

Easy maintenance
The tiltable cab can be tilted backward for 45° by manual pump to ease the maintenances and services of the pipelines within machine body.
The engine air filter, engine oil filter, and the fuel filter are arranged at the positions easy for maintenances. The fuel filler port and the engine oil dipstick are directed outward. The grease filling positions for balance beam pins and yokes are directed to outer side of the machine body.
Compared with traditional models, the hydrostatic drive model reduces the quantity of drive system parts by >70% to remarkably reduce the malfunction points.

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