Versatile & Productive
Engine Range (142 kW - 153 kW)
Weight Range ( 20.6 t - 21.5 t)
Blade Capacity Range (3.6 - 5.9 m3)
Ground Pressure 36.9 kPa

When it comes to precision and control, the New TD-15M stands alone.
On road & highway, landfill, forestry, landscaping and construction sites; the superior power, control and stability of New TD-15M sets this dozer apart. Climb into the cab, put in a long day at the office, and youÕll know youÕve made the right choice.
WeÕve put ourselves in your seat and delivered everything the operator wants and needs. A superior, safe, quiet, and comfortable cab with easy to operate controls. A perfect view of the jobsite with high all-round visibility. With our new, electro-hydraulically controlled proportional joysticks youÕll experience a new level of blade control and accuracy, helping you to get the job done faster. Easy access service and maintenance points , but above all, the real power, control and stability you need to get the job done right first time.

Features and benefits
No matter what the application, working within the optimum engine RPM is a breeze with the TD-15M. Simply select your maximum desired ground speed for your application and leave the rest to the sophisticated power management system. It will keep you within the sweet spot of engine RPM, saving you fuel and effort.

No matter how hard you push it, the New TD-15M will always keep its cool thanks to its hyper efficient cooling system with a variable speed hydrostatic cooling fan. The modular design of the radiator, aftercooler, driveline and hydraulic oil coolers also ensure that the system is easy to access and maintain.

High productivity is about consistently achieving marginal gains. ItÕs about saving a second here or reducing a pass there. Our unique 2-speed steering drive achieves both, saving time and effort by delivering 100% of the engineÕs power to both tracks, allowing you to push a full load through turns without losing material. Less time. Less passes. Greater productivity.

Class leading drawbar pull puts the power in your hands. On highway construction or in landscaping work, no matter where you are, nothingÕs going to stand in your way. Delivered through the perfect combination of a 3-speed power shift transmission and 2-speed steering drive, the ultimate in control is now in your grasp.

With a choice of two pre-set modes, we make it easy for the operator to, save fuel and keep fresh and focused by reducing repetitive gear changing. Simply choose the mode to match your task and let the machine do the rest.

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