Surface mining wheel loader
Horsepower 854 net HP @ 2,025 rpm
Operating Weight 254,700 lbs.
Bucket Capacity 15.0 yd³

Stay productive in harsh digging environments
Help surmount the most rugged conditions with a wheel loader that's built for power. The WA800-8 features a z-bar loader linkage that provides excellent breakout force for tough digging applications. You can also help keep your operators productive and comfortable with an ergonomically designed cab.Up to 18% more fuel efficiencyUp to 10% reduction in fuel consumptionUp to 6% more productivity

Features and benefits
Designed for harsh digging environments
If you need to improve your digging performance, this wheel loader will help provide excellent breakout force for tough digging applications with a reinforced z-bar loader linkage.

Maneuver around the mine
Help your operators stay safe with an audible or visual alert when an obstacle is detected in the working area. KomVision with radar obstacle detection features six cameras and four radar panels to provide an all-around monitoring system for operators.

Operate with precision
When agility and precision are needed, this wheel loader will provide comfortable, simple operation throughout long shifts with its Advanced Joystick Steering System (AJSS), Electronic Pilot Controls (EPC) levers, a cab featuring a trainer seat, and heated/ventilated operator seats.

Helps operators perform efficiently
Help maintain productivity, especially when V-cycle loading haul trucks, with three automated features: automatic dig, semi-auto approach and semi-auto dump systems. These features help alleviate operator fatigue and improve efficiency.

Maintain control in slippery underfoot conditions
Help prevent tire slippage for increased tire life with this wheel loader's variable traction control system. Designed to help operators maintain traction in slippery or wet conditions, machine rim pull can be adjusted between 100% and 20% tractive effort depending on conditions.

Throttle lock with auto-deceleration
Engine RPM can be set to a constant speed in the cab for fast work equipment speeds and quick cycle times. Auto-deceleration automatically reduces engine RPM to 680 if no operator command is sensed after 10 seconds for additional fuel savings.

Fast work speeds with a smooth approach
A smooth approach for your operators when loading haul trucks, as well as simple control of tire slippage and shock reduction when shifting from forward to reverse. Modulation clutch adjusts the tractive effort using the left brake pedal from 100% to 20% of the torque converter output.

Travel performance you can trust
Help manage operator fatigue and material spillage with this wheel loader's electronically controlled suspension system (ECSS) accumulators. This feature helps absorb the shock from the boom when in load-and-carry applications or tramming around the site.

Boost awareness with improved visibility
Help improve awareness around the mine by providing your operators the visibility they need. With 22 LED lamps, your operators will have enough bright lighting to help them perform their best, even in the toughest and darkest working conditions.

Maintenance made easy
Help save time with easily accessible maintenance at the ground level service center. Drain and fill the transmission oil, hydraulic oil, engine oil and coolant on the spot to avoid lengthy preventative maintenance services.

Work smarter, not harder
Help reduce fuel consumption while maintaining you machine's performance with Komatsu's SmartLoader Logic. This engine control system senses the power requirement of each work phase and automatically changes between 'Economy' and 'Power' mode based on the application's demand.

Help improve decision-making
Make informed decisions to help manage your fleet with Komtrax, Komatsu's remote equipment monitoring and management system. Additional vital information at your fingertips with Komtrax Plus can help you further reduce operational costs.

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