What is EAM Software?

Enterprise asset management (EAM) is a broad business application that helps companies get the most out of capital expenditures. This can include buildings, and EAM software for construction is really one part of the design, operate maintain continuum that provides a clear view of a built asset in a single data repository. Data from designers or engineers will go to a contractor who will in turn produce an as-built, hopefully in a digital model or digital twin. This makes for more efficient maintenance of the asset. EAM will also encompass lifecycle extensions and other changes through as-maintained data sets to support operations. At the end of life, this data set should inform decommissioning and replacement.

EAM software can also be used to manage fleets of construction equipment and other productive assets. To deliver this, computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) can be extended with enterprise functionality to provide a financial perspective on the asset for decision support, capacity assurance, and other senior-level business functions.

CMMS is often a component of GPS Enabled Asset Management or other software used to support heavy equipment fleets. It will typically encompass work order management for preventive maintenance. Some software will also encompass technician personnel management, spares, repair parts, or even condition-based maintenance based on telematics data.

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