Mobile and office based time keeping with GPS location. Clock in and out using biometric keypads or mobile apps with location logging for accurate time sheets and job reports.

Shadow Tracker® Time software is the perfect solution for time sheet management of mobile and office employees. Mobile employees, such as drivers, can time in and out on the Shadow Tracker® Time Android or iPhone Apps, and their location at the time punch is recorded for verification. For office employees, ATTI offers an in-office time tracking system which works in a LAN or Wi-Fi configuration. This component is optional, and integrates office employee time records with those recorded on the Shadow Tracker® Time App so your time sheets are housed in one convenient locationFeatures
Location based time In/Out – know where your offsite employees were when they timed in

THREE punch options: Keypad, Fingerprint, or ID Card

Automatic data polling and time synchronization

Standard management reports

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