Real time GPS Tracking Devices specially designed for vehicle tracking. Used to track your trucks, cars and heavy duty vehicles.

Our newest GPS vehicle tracking device, the Shadow Tracker® Vision IV™, transmits at an unprecedented 10-second real-time update, showing you precisely where your vehicles are the exact moment you need to know. When managing a mobile workforce, whether a small or large fleet, it is important to monitor driver location and activity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Proactive fleet truck tracking allows businesses to identify and correct issues, such as inefficient routes and idle engine time. ATTI’s mobile applications and desktop GPS truck tracking software also makes it easy for you to manage your fleet no matter where you are.Features
GPS fleet tracking devices for commercial vehicles & trucks help businesses save on fuel costs, reduce labor rates and improve fleet productivity. ATTI has helped businesses track and manage their fleets for over 17 years. ATTI also offers training sessions and unlimited phone and web support to ensure customers make the most of their fleet tracking device. Whether you are a small catering company that needs to track one van or a waste management service with dozens of trucks, ATTI can customize a GPS tracking solution for your business and make your fleet operate more efficiently.

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