PosiTrace AI-Dashcam is a multi-camera video system that monitors your units inside and outside the cab to prevent accidents using artificial intelligence (AI). Your drivers will get feedback from our AI system in real time to let them know of a potential risk. Plus, everything will be recorded as video evidence.

AI-Dash Cam
Accidents cause considerable harm to your drivers, vehicles, and cargo and can have huge financial impacts on your business. The PosiTrace AI-Dash Cam substantially lowers the risk of accidents by analyzing the road using AI and giving the driver real-time alerts.The leading causes of accidents are road or traffic issues, hazards, driver fatigue, and distractions.* These factors are present in almost 90% of crashes**. But, studies suggest that 90% of rear end accidents could be prevented with 1.5 seconds advance warning***.PosiTrace has the technology to help provide safer conditions for your drivers, avoiding these costly incidents.

Forward-facing Full HD (1080p) dash cam

Driver-facing infrared HD (720p) dash cam

Status monitor

2 cellular antennas

GPS antenna

2 power cables

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