Fleet management solution for transportation, construction, HVAC, and other businesses that helps track vehicles via GPS to manage fuel cost, record trip 

PosiTrace GPS tracking systems offer the best way for organizations to have real-time information about the location and use of their vehicles and equipment assets. You save money on fuel, cell-phone bills and other operational costs, increase employee productivity, and prevent loss or theft of vehicles and equipment. Click here to learn How GPS Tracking Works.You access tracking information using the PosiTrace web interface. You get to see real-time location info displayed on a map, asset usage (such as PTO, engine hours, speeding, and lots more). You receive live alerts for specified events such as a driver leaves a defined area. PosiTrace is your mission control!

PosiText 2-Way Garmin Communication

International Roaming

Remote Immobilizer

Temperature Sensor Kit

Driver Logs

Landmark Stops Report

Hours of Service (HOS) with DVIR

ELD System

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