Materials and inventory management of off-site production and on-site installation of components.

Our cloud-based software helps you manage prefab production of spools, kits and assemblies. Simplify collaboration between shop and field, standardize field requests, track materials and inventory, and coordinate deliveries to the jobsite.

Production Manager
Generate production plan from BIM models, schedules, or spreadsheets

Standardize production and QA/QC process

Access current documents, drawings or videos from the shop floor

Track hours and progress in real-time

Measure factory output with tracking and analytics

Material Manager
Automate bill of materials (BOM) generation

Simplify sourcing from preferred vendors

Track & receive materials with QR codes

Standardize field material requests

Provide real-time visibility for all departments

Advanced Analytics
Generate company-specific dashboards from aggregated data

Monitor KPIs in real-time

Discover waste & improve processes

Validate schedule & cost estimates

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