What is Prefab & Offsite Construction Software?

Offsite construction, modular construction, volumetric construction, manufacturing blended construction—there is no shortage of terms for the concept of completing construction work in a central location rather than the job site. Construction software for prefabricated and offsite construction must deal not only with the materials requirements planning (MRP) aspects of shop-based production but the logistics of putting components, panels, or assemblies in place on site. It must also address design to ensure the project is created for the capabilities of plant equipment and the benefits offsite construction can deliver. Software used in panelized construction should also include tools for inspection according to local building codes at the project site so enclosed panels do not have to be reopened.

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CIMS Horrocks
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Clear Business Outcome Ltd
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MagiCAD Construction Solutions
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Manufactron by ViZZ Technologies
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Slate Technologies
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Pleasanton, CA 94566
Topcon Positioning Systems
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