How ConCntric Plans to Unite Preconstruction


IRONPROS caught up with ConCntric Founder and CEO Steve Dell'Orto at Procore Groundbreak to learn more about his company's platform for preconstruction.

IRONPROS: So you described a solution similar to the Rosetta Stone--you're able to clean scrub and harmonize data from different solutions and provide that common view. But, you know, obviously, this is not just a pass-through your channel. You've got some modules of your own that add value within the platform. What are those like?

DELL'ORTO: Well, preconstruction consists of upwards of 30 or 40 distinct workflows, or ecosystems of workflows. Kind of a dumb analogy would be like, I think, a galaxy, where you've got stars and planets, and they're not linear, they're all over the place. And they all want to talk to each other. So that's being served by spreadsheets. They don't talk to each other. And all of that data remains unstructured. So what we're doing is akin to taking all of those different elements in the galaxy and digitizing them and stitching them together so that that information flow is far more structured, and automatic and reusable to make your next project better and smarter all within the context of reconstruction follows the evolution over time. 

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