AI for Construction Submittal Logs

Hugh Seaton joins Construction Tech Talk for a discussion of how AI can be applied to RFIs and submittals.


Hugh Seaton is a periodic guest on Construction Tech Talk, but here for the first time we get him talking about his day job at The Link.

SEATON: I've been working with the Construction Specifications Institute for about three years. And while there, we launched the company called The Link, which is now my full-time job with the link does is really focused on taking a part of the construction process specifications, which are, you know, they're kind of a contract addendum. So they'd been written in a contractual sort of way--very long, up to 4,000 or 5,000 pages--pretty arcane English. The project team is supposed to know them in and out. And in the beginning, they probably do know them relatively well, the first part of a contract, but over time, as you execute, they become harder and harder to remember. So going back in is really a pain in the neck. They're just not written to be quickly read, rifled through and for people to find the answers they need. Our mission has been to make specs consumable. And we've done a number of things. We've done some software-as-a-service (SaaS) products, so on and so forth. But this is made for AI, this is made for what the large language models do and that's what's lighting me up right now.

IRONPROS: If you are trying to consume or use this information currently without any artificial intelligence help or assistance, what is your lifeline?

SEATON: Yeah, that's a great question. And you know, what, what is kind of the status quo in construction is ... STREAM OUR FULL CONVERSATION FOR MORE

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