Where to Start with Construction AI


Preconstruction has been the natural entry point for a number of construction technologies, and Alice Technologies Founder and CEO Rene Morkos joins us to share how that was the inspiration for his company's generative construction scheduling software.

IRONPROS: You and I have discussed at length about this before. But again, for the uninitiated, what are some things about the schedule that make it the obvious entry point for AI of this nature? Why are you focused here?

MORKOS: You know, I never liked school. So it's funny, God's punished me by making me a professor. I would cut class I go to construction projects. I mean, this professor thought I was, you know, just goofing off. I was volunteering, I was working for free.

IRONPROS: Would you like a job here, sir?

MORKOS: I don't do that anymore. I like the capitalist spirit there. But to me, when I did my PhD, I thought to myself, like I didn't want to just write some document that's going to collect dust. I wanted to go solve a problem. And when you look at construction, there's really two problems to solve ... scheduling and estimating. Those are like the two fundamental pillars, I thought at the time, I thought estimation was really a result of scheduling. I thought that scheduling was supposed to be simulating if you simulate how the project gets built, you should know how much it will cost. And so I focused on scheduling, and .... STREAM OUR FULL CONVERSATION FOR MORE ...

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