SmartPM AI Finds Hidden Value in Construction Schedules


One problem contractors face is that they cannot predict the future. And when they schedule and plan a project, there are unforeseen problems that only rear their heads later. That is the problem SmartPM addresses. Here we debrief SmartPM CEO Michael Pink

IRONPROS: If you can think of like a situation where you see like a really bad project failure or snafu that could have been prevented by an application like smart PM, what does that look like?

MICHAEL PINK: So I don't have to cite one example, because I think most people in construction have dealt with this issue on most projects they've been involved in. If you think about construction, when you're in the beginning of a job, you're putting out a plan, you're putting out a plan to deliver that work over a certain timeframe for a certain cost. And then once you get going on the project, you know, you realize that things change, things don't move as fast or materials don't get there on time or subcontractors don't show up with enough resources or designs are incomplete or changes are happening and issues are resulting. And that happens throughout all of construction. The reality is most of these plans that are put together, you know, we have this thing called planning fallacy where we predict what's going to happen in a best case scenario. And then reality sets in and ...


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