IRONPROS Titanium Hot 5 Interview Series: Geotab Fleet Management Software

Geotab specializes in telematics for construction businesses through its open platform, software and video-based safety products. Customers can utilize the company's marketplace filled with 300+ solutions for third-party integrations.


IRONPROS content director Bethany Chambers interviews Geotab business development manager Steve Carozza in the third episode of the IRONPROS Titanium Hot 5 series. Carozza provides an in-depth look at the company's plans to develop telematics for fleets, including investments in engineering, focusing on specific technologies and leveraging AI.

Geotab offers cutting-edge telematics solutions, enabling accurate and broad fleet management for construction businesses. The company taps into its extensive data pool to help customers reduce operating costs, boost safety and support sustainability in their fleets.

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