What Is the Real State of Construction AI?


RATHMANN: Thanks for joining us on another episode of Construction Tech Talk right here on IRONPROS. This is Technology Editor Charles Rathman here again, with the brilliant and very well groomed today, Brandon Noel. How are you, sir?

NOEL: I'm doing great. I never know what you're gonna say. But I always look forward to it.

RATHMANN: I don't know what I'm going to say either. Today, we're going to delve into something that is an emotional and multifaceted topic in construction. And both Brandon and I have immersed ourselves in this so we ought to have some relatively well-informed things to share with each other. Just yesterday, we pushed out an article on Autodesk Forma, and the launch of their Construction Cloud product. The first applications out of that are really going to focus on planning, they'll have AI capabilities for essentially modeling projects to meet performance requirements. So we'll have humans involved to determine their performance requirements, and then their co-creator AI will run thousands of different possibilities to identify opportune ways. You can pull stuff out of Revit, the design platform, into Autodesk Forma, and run these calculations and move it back. That's the tip of the iceberg in AI right now, though. But yeah, Brandon, what types of things? Are you seeing that kind of grab your imagination?

NOEL: Well, I come from a creative writing background, right? My background in writing didn't come from B2B media, which is where we find ourselves today. And what's really interesting about the emergence of things like chat GPT, and these other "quote, unquote" AI platforms, or if we're wanting to be more accurate, these language models, these algorithms that are really great at aggregating human knowledge and information and data, and then regurgitating it and ...


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