On Premise Construction Software--What Is Its Role Going Forward?


Market forces and modern expectations for technology are pushing construction software to the cloud. New business and field software is coming to market as cloud-first, subscription only products. Why is this, and what contracting environments or needs will still be met by software contractors run on their own hardware? Construction Tech Talk puts this question to Pemeco CEO Jonathan Gross, a software selection and services leader and attorney.

IRONPROS: We have in construction some solutions that have been in place for years. I am thinking specifically of construction ERP products like those from Sage or Foundation. Penta has a venerable solution. Some of these solutions have matured and they have very deep capabilities. When it comes to that back office system, do you think it will be viable for companies to hang onto those and extend them with cloud-based software that will give people away from the four walls of the office greater access?

GROSS: It is a tradeoff. If I have an on-premise system that has 30 years of legacy building solid functionality for my industry that I can't find in another solution, we might be able to trade off some of the anywhere, anytime access that you might get in a cloud solution because we need that functionality. Other companies say all of that code and granularity is something I am prepared to live without to give my folks anywhere, anytime access. But it is just another dimension of analysis companies need to make ...


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