Fighting Construction SaaS Sprawl In Your Contracting Business


Subscription-based construction software makes it easy for contractors to introduce new cloud products into their business. But what happens as the number of tools running in the business and the resulting cost and complexity get out of control? We explore that on this episode of Construction Tech Talk with Pemeco CEO Jonathan Gross.

IRONPROS: If you're the CFO of a construction company, how do you look at all of these subscriptions and make sense of them?

GROSS: That's a good question. I think the first thing we want to discuss is how did we get to the point that we're at? And then, how are we going to move forward? I'll give you an example. We are working with a construction firm, and they have rapidly grown to 400 people--this is hockey-stick kind of growth. They grew and they had an accounting package--I'm not going to name any names but ...


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