Vetting Construction Software for Interoperability

Delve into the future of construction software integration, standards and interoperability with this wide-ranging brain dump with Hugh Seaton.


The Link CEO and CSI exec, author and general construction technology guru Hugh Seaton joins Construction Tech talk for a discussion of how the composable enterprise and emerging approaches to interoperability will change the world of construction software. 

IRONOPOS: What questions should construction executives ask vendors about integration and interoperability?

HUGH SEATON: A couple questions make sense. The first is, do you think of yourself as an ingredient in a bigger workflow? Or is your strategy to carve out your own little sandbox? I think the days of owning it all are over ... Maybe they do have three or four different modules, but do you have to use all those modules or can you take the piece you want and if you already have another solution you like, we'll integrate with them. Viewing yourself as integration first is the first thing. The second thing is seeing yourself as an ingredient."

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