CSI Exec on What is Driving Construction Tech to the Cloud


When I joined AC Business Media to carry the ball on construction technology for IRONPROS, one of the first things I did was download Hugh Seaton's book, The Construction Technology Handbook. Here, we get Hugh to share some of the insights in the book and some others he probably is rolling into his next one. Hugh writes at a level that is at once accessible to the non-technical, but is accurate enough to avoid the ill-fitting analogies that turn off experienced technologists. We also discuss what the drivers are now for construction technology adoption today, including mobility, innovation mindsets within construction businesses and the progression of construction software to the cloud.

HUGH SEATON: Cloud is part of the firmament now. I don't think people think about it anymore. There are still some solutions that are on prem, and there are reasons for that sometimes for security reasons, you may want to do that. But the reality most people don't have that much hardware on site anyway. So I think the cloud makes most of what we do possible.

IRONPROS: What I see sometimes is software that is on-premise or maybe just designed for on-premise, but it's hosted, and it's not just quite as modern. They don't have the API-first approach that a more modern software will. Do you think that is something that will push people to adopt new technologies, either from the general ledger on out, or plugging cloud solutions into something that might be a little more mature?

HUGH SEATON: I think you put your finger on something when you mentioned general ledger. There is a special way people think of their accounting software where their numbers are. I'll give you a great example ... stream the episode to hear more ...

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