IRONPROS Research Finds Field Productivity Software Most Significant Construction Technology Going into 2023


Field Productivity Software, which is used to assign work packages to crews, employees and equipment on site and report back production, is the most significant construction technology for 2023, according to the first installment in the IRONPROS 2023 State of the Industry Construction Technology Report.

Learn more by reading the FULL 2023 State of the Industry: Construction Technology Report, a four-part series that outlines the growing technology present in the construction industry, how contractors are currently embedding the technology into their workflow, the future of disruptive technology and the impact technology will have in acquiring a younger generation. Use the navigation bar below to maneuver through valuable industry insight. This series is available with free registration on IRONPROS.

Managing a project from a desk chair is different from managing execution in the field. Field Productivity Software and supporting technologies help assign and ensure completion of work packages on site. It may be extended by digital time clocks, telematics, wearables, project site cameras or other hardware technologies. It may also be a standalone product like Assignar or Raken, or part of a broad suite like HCSS MyField, Equipmentshare T3 or Procore Field Productivity. But this is the software that, leveraging mobility, location detection, camera phones and other omnipresent technologies, is bringing lean improvements to the construction site.

Construction Technology Adoption Curve

The IRONPROS Field Technology Study report includes detailed current and planned adoption analysis for:

  • Field Productivity/Job Ticketing
  • GPS-Enabled Fleet/Asset Management, which uses GPS, GNSS data, vibration sensors and other IoT methods to feed equipment data into this software used to manage and maintain fleets of construction equipment.
  • Safety Software/Wearables, which range from communication headsets to robotic exoskeletons to clothing with embedded sensors, construction wearables can enhance safety, improve performance or facilitate site communication.
  • Photogrammetry, the technological discipline of capturing a 3-dimensional model of reality using photographic images, which in construction is often augmented with a building information model (BIM) or geographic information system (GIS).
  • CMMS/Equipment Maintenance Technology, which is software used to manage the built asset after handover as part of a maintenance service contract. It also can encompass software used to maintain construction equipment.

Field Productivity Vendors at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023

Construction professionals can learn more about vendors in this space on IRONPROS, or can visit select field productivity software vendors at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023 March 13-18th in Las Vegas, Nevada.

  • AGTEK, Booth #N12325
  • Assignar, Booth #N12732
  • B2W, Software, Booth #N12147
  • Busybusy, Booth N10855
  • CrewTracks, Booth #N10863
  • InEight, with its Field Data Capture, Booth #N12008
  • Bentley with SYNCHRO Field and SYNCHRO Control, Booth #N22865
  • Cenpoint, Booth #N12934
  • AboutTime Technologies/Workmax, Booth #N10318
  • Procore with Field Productivity, Booth #N11541
  • Raken, Booth #N12276
  • Sage, with Sage Field Operations Booth #N12476
  • Stack Construction Technologies, Booth #N10951

“IRONPROS is designed to help the construction industry understand and do their due diligence on software and other technologies coming to market for contractors, owners, engineers and materials suppliers,” says AC Business Media CEO Ron Spink. “The emergence of this trend of field productivity taking the lead in adoption should come as no surprise, and it is a trend contractors should probably get in front of before their competitors eclipse them in the ability to deliver cost-effective, on-time projects.”

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