Why the US is Losing at Construction Technology to the UK

Alastair Hayfield of Interact Analysis discusses with Senior Technology Editor Charles Rathmann why the US lags in construction technology adoption. What are the roles of project type and regulation?


The United States may be the greatest nation in the world, but on many objective measures it lags behind the United Kingdom and probably Europe in adoption of modern technologies--from building information modeling to offsite construction. We asked a brit, Interact Analysis Senior Research Director Alastair Hayfield, why this appeared to be the case.

IRONPROS: So Alastair, we're going to talk about how you Brits and the Europeans are leaving us in the dust when it comes to adoption and advancing construction technology. And I'm embarrassed to be here, but yeah, yeah, yeah here I am. So my friend, school me. Yeah, why are we so far behind and you know what is your observation?

ALASTAIR HAYFIELD: So you know, I'd never be so crass as to say that.

IRONPROS: Well you're you're an exception then, I'm sorry.

ALASTAIR HAYFIELD: So I think some some of this comes down to, you know, just inherent differences in in markets, right? You know if we if we look at the European market for construction projects. It's probably a lot more ...

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