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IRONPROS: Provide an overview of the company and its mission.

Fleetio: Fleetio is a cloud- and mobile-based fleet maintenance management software platform that simplifies fleet management for businesses of all sizes. It uses a mobile-first approach and automates tasks by integrating with existing tools like telematics devices and maintenance shops, allowing fleet managers, drivers, and other personnel to access real-time data and gain valuable insights.

Fleets can manage in-house and outsourced maintenance management, receive recall alerts, conduct digital vehicle inspections, track fuel, parts, equipment, and much more. These offerings allow Fleetio to empower fleet owners, administrators, and organizations of all sizes to take holistic control of their fleets, optimize costs and maximize the benefits of data-driven decision-making.

IRONPROS: What problems are you trying to solve for fleet operators and businesses in the construction industry?

Fleetio: Construction fleets face challenges like unexpected equipment breakdowns, scattered data obstructing operations, and hidden costs impacting efficiency and profitability. Fleetio addresses these issues by providing a centralized platform for managing all your construction fleet data.

This streamlines communication, offers preventive maintenance tools to minimize downtime, and helps fleet construction managers gain insights into equipment health and utilization. 

IRONPROS: What solutions or products do you offer for fleet managers or operators?

Fleetio: Fleetio offers a fleet maintenance and reporting software that helps fleet managers or operators improve uptime and manage their entire maintenance lifecycles. We offer features such as automated maintenance alerts, digital inspections, and maintenance reporting, as well as solutions for both outsourced and in-house maintenance.

IRONPROS: How are customers using your products in the field?

Fleetio: So many fleet managers across industries suffer from fragmented insights, many of which make uninformed decisions while trapped in data silos. The reason fleets use Fleetio is to manage their entire communication and maintenance needs on one, mobile-friendly device.

Under a single umbrella, fleets are able to track and generate customized reports from inspections and fuel management to shop maintenance and telematics. What customers want are streamlined operations with unified insights that allow them to make smarter, safer decisions. Fleetio helps fleets do this and more on a user-friendly interface.

IRONPROS: What are the challenges of adopting new technology or software for businesses?

Fleetio: Historically, businesses are hesitant to implement new technology because of the dated “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” methodology. In the fleet industry, however, we’re in a time where technology is advancing quickly. Solution providers have to break through the change management resistance with fact-based evidence to show fleets how unified data is able to work for them. For example, ProQual Landscaping created proactive maintenance plans that saved the company 33 percent in repair costs in the first half of the year compared to the prior year.

As these platforms continue to develop, and as fleets become more focused on data, fleets are realizing the benefits these insights provide, allowing them to discover and resolve challenges they didn’t know they had in the first place.

IRONPROS: What can customers expect from Fleetio in 2024?

Fleetio Fleetio has recently announced new product features and initiatives. The new features include Tire Management, Sensor Data Snapshots, Warranty Management and Enhanced Service Tasks. Recognizing the diverse needs of fleets of all sizes, each of these developments shares the goal of providing real-time insights into health and performance, avoiding unnecessary expenses and streamlining operations.

Fleetio has also recently launched a fleet management tool specifically for EVs, allowing electric fleets to ensure data accuracy and empower proactive maintenance with advanced monitoring and analytics. These upgrades mark a significant leap forward in EV fleet management, empowering Fleetio users to thrive as electrified transportation becomes more widely adopted.

We've barely scratched the surface of what can be accomplished with Fleetio. As fleet management continues to evolve with new technology, maintenance will become even more complex and important, and we are continuously advancing Fleetio's features to accommodate these changes. We plan to continue building and improving our core platform while serving our customers all over the world.

Shay Misra is a product marketer at Fleetio, focused on aligning product, sales, marketing and customer success efforts to achieve a cohesive product-market fit. She advocates for customers before, during and after product launches to drive sales. With a background spanning Fleet Management, HR, Legal and Compliance in the SaaS sector, she infuses her role with expertise. She holds a Marketing degree from Kansas State University and completed post-graduate work at Stanford.

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