Thick Wool Socks for Construction Jobs


As the temperatures continue to drop this winter, you’ll need to remain as warm and comfortable as possible. And warmth is associated directly with your feet. If your feet aren’t warm and, in turn, comfortable, the rest of your body won’t be either, period.

To increase your body heat—even in subzero temperatures—consider purchasing thick wool socks, as they offer a wide range of benefits for construction workers that must complete their tasks outside for hours at a time.

Why Buy Wool Socks?

Due to their moisture absorption, thick wool socks will help your feet remain dry and warm, no matter how cold and wet it is outside. In addition, they offer high insulation, which ensures heat will remain close to your skin. Extremely breathable, thick wool socks will also minimize sweat and odors, leading to even more comfort.

Very durable, thick wool socks are created to last for long durations of time too, allowing them to be used for multiple winters, as they can be machine washed on numerous occasions. Generally lightweight, the socks, which are very soft as well, will reduce any likelihood of blisters too—a common issue that construction workers encounter with their boots in the winter.

The bottom line? If you need high comfort and high warmth as soon as possible, the following thick wool socks, among others, are your best options.

1. Alvada Thermal Wool Socks

wool socks

Alvada Thermal Wool Socks.

Comprised of 80% Merino wool, along with polyester (15%), nylon (4%) and spandex (1%), Alvada wool socks also have reinforced yarn in their heels and toes, leading to high durability. Offering fully cushioned footbeds, the machine washable socks also have ventilation channels that lead to high air circulation and breathability. Moreover, they feature moisture control fiber technology that ensures your feet will remain dry and odor-free, as all moisture is wicked away. As a result of their components, the socks are not only itch-free and soft, but they’ll also guarantee that your feet will remain warm as temperatures continue to decline this winter.

Best Features: Moisture control fiber technology; ventilation channels

Price: $21.99 – Buy wool socks on Amazon


2. Buttons & Pleats Wool Socks

wool socks

Buttons & Pleats Wool Socks.

Featuring four components—Merino wool (80%), polyester (15%), nylon (4%) and spandex (1%)—these wool socks have fully cushioned footbeds, resulting in high comfort and performance on a long-term basis. Highly robust, due to their heels’ and toes’ reinforced yarn, the socks also have arch compression reinforcements. Consequently, your balance and overall stability will increase, thereby diminishing your odds of falling while you’re on the job. Very soft, the itch-free socks are able to trap in heat too, as a result of their composition. And, of equal importance, they’ll ensure your feet will remain dry, as they also have moisture wicking capabilities.

Best Features: Arch compression reinforcements; fully cushioned footbeds

Price: $18.99 - $19.99 – Buy wool socks on Amazon


3. COZIA Merino Wool Socks

wool socks

COZIA Merino Wool Socks.

Available in various sizes, as they fit an array of men’s shoe sizes (from 5 to 14) and women’s shoe sizes (from 6 to 15), COZIA wool socks are also comprised of 80% Merino wool. Additionally, they feature polyester (15%), nylon (4%) and spandex (1%). Due to this blend of materials, the socks can adapt to the unique shape of your feet. Not to mention, they also remain cease-free at all times. And, since they never bunch up, so to speak, they’ll provide utmost comfort as you work long shifts. For further comfort, the socks have ankle vents too, which decrease any likelihood of bulkiness.

Best Features: Ankle vents; cease-free designs

Price: $17.99 – Buy on Amazon


4. KAVANYISO Men’s Merino Wool Socks

wool socks

KAVANYISO Men’s Merino Wool Socks.

Highly breathable, these moisture wicking socks will ensure your feet remain comfortable, dry and warm all day long, regardless of the environments you work in. Featuring thickened loops in their interiors, the socks also have reinforced heels and toes. Furthermore, they have shrink designs on their soles, which guarantee they never twist, resulting in high comfort. Wear resistant, the socks are also very durable, as they can be worn after several machine washes and many long work shifts. And, the socks, which are, for the most part, considered one-size-fits-all, will remain odor-free throughout your shifts, no matter how long they are.

Best Features: Reinforced heels and toes; thickened loops in interiors

Price: $20.99 – Buy wool socks on Amazon


5. Time May Tell Men’s Merino Wool Socks

wool socks

Time May Tell Men’s Merino Wool Socks.

Machine washable, Time May Tell wool socks are highly elastic. Designed to absorb moisture and retain warmth, the socks are also very soft, leading to high comfort as you work outside in various conditions this winter. Integrally sewn, leading to absolutely no spare threads within their interiors, the socks are comprised of Merino wool (80%), nylon (14%), polyester (5%) and spandex (1%). Very stretchy, the socks will fit a majority of people, enabling your entire crew to most likely be able to wear them. Developed to fall below the bases of your calves, the socks are available in three colors: brown, dark gray and light gray.

Best Features: High elasticity; moisture absorption

Price: $12.99 – Buy wool socks on Amazon


Things to Know about Wool Socks

Do thick wool socks prevent the possibility of sagging?

Definitely. Due to their Merino fibers, thick wool socks will never sag. And since they have natural elasticity, they will always return to their original shapes after they’re stretched out.

Do thick wool socks always need to be washed after they’re worn?

No. Since wool is naturally antibacterial, the socks are odor-free. Consequently, they’ll last much longer than other socks, as they won’t need to be washed nearly as often.

Can thick wool socks actually repel water?

Yes. Wool is hydrophobic, so it actually repels water, enabling you to remain dry, regardless of how long you’re outside in wet weather.

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