Construction Work Clothes Product of the Week: Truewerk T3 Werkbib


Choosing the right layers to wear is an effective way to stay warm on construction sites during the winter. When it comes to layering up, you need options that go beyond thermals, hoodies and pants to avoid feeling tight and bunchy.

Truewerk, a leading construction clothing brand, offers the T3 Werkbib for these workwear requirements.

Product Features

The T3 Werkbib takes on a three-layer fabric construction for durability. Unlike traditional bibs or overalls, this bib features full-zip legs for easy removal. The sides are covered for protection from debris and abrasion. Thick shoulder straps are adjustable, catering to a range of body types and fits. The straps are fixed on the bib. This structure provides a secure fit, compared to sliding clips that are prone detaching when moving or snagging on objects.

Pockets are accessible at the front of the bib for holding tools and small devices. The pockets are covered at the opening, keeping objects secure. These small features really make a difference on the jobsite and helps this product stand out from its competitors. 

The stretchable product has internal gaiters and knee pads for protection on the jobsite. The pants are regular fit, allowing you to comfortably wear work boots with the bib. The Werkbib can be worn over a thin jacket, long sleeves and thermal wear. Truewerk offers complete outer-layer solutions that go with the bib, including a construction hoodie, pants and parka.

Highlights and Applications

This product is designed to keep you warm on the jobsite as you work in cold weather. The stretchable material promotes mobility, which is a notable upgrade from classic denim bibs. This makes carrying heavy objects, reaching over things and bending down more comfortable. It also minimizes sliding, which helps keep your ankles covered at all times.

Use this product when operating heavy machinery, doing roadside maintenance, equipment installations, inspections, land clearing projects and more.

As for application, the Werkbib is mainly for outdoor construction jobs during the winter. Depending on how you layer your construction clothes, it can also be used in the spring or fall. Although there are integrated knee pads available on the bib, this product would not be suitable for leg protection during the summer as its insulated features can make you feel sweaty and hot. For leg protection in the summer, you should use breathable bibs or pants.


  • Color: Black
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-large, XX-large and 3X-large
  • Lengths: Short, Regular and Long
  • Closure Type: Zipper
  • Knee Pads: Integrated

Price: $199 – Buy at Truewerk

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