Asphalt Boots for Roadside and Outdoor Projects

These five asphalt boots will help you remain comfortable and safe as you work outdoors and on roads.


As a professional that’s regularly assigned roadside and outdoor projects, you know firsthand just how challenging they can be. Oftentimes, you have to work with molten tar that can be as hot as 300℉. Consequently, the risks of burns and heat blisters are high.

Additionally, if you work outside, you never know what you’ll face, with regards to obstacles that cannot only harm your feet, but your entire body. Simply put, you need as much protection as possible, and that protection begins with your boots.

Why Buy Asphalt Boots?

Asphalt boots are critical for professionals that are involved with roadside and outdoor projects on a consistent basis. Not only will they protect you from high heat, as their bottoms, insoles and outsoles are generally heat resistant, but they’ll reduce your odds of falling on dirty, hot or slippery surfaces too—falls that may have otherwise led to significant injuries.

Adhering to OSHA safety regulations, asphalt boots provide far more than safety though. They’re also usually waterproof, ensuring you are as comfortable and dry on your worksite as possible. To further guarantee comfort, the boots have flat or nearly flat outsoles as well, which reduce the likelihood that asphalt, debris, stones and tar will enter them. And they’re typically highly breathable and well insulated, offering you even more comfortability.

At the same time, asphalt boots are highly durable too, as they’re normally comprised of leather. In addition, they’re often puncture resistant, enabling them to avoid the damage that other boots may sustain.

To remain safe and comfortable on the job, consider purchasing the following five asphalt boots.

1. COFRA Men’s CSA Paving Boots

asphalt boots

COFRA Men’s CSA Paving Boots.

Offered in a variety of sizes, ranging from 6 to 14, these 6-in. work boots can be utilized for very harsh road work conditions, as they feature injection molded soles, along with puncture-resistant plates. Providing water-resistant leather uppers that are protected from practically any element, the boots also have robust metal eyelets that ensure they’ll be laced securely, time after time. Aside from offering water resistance, the boots’ uppers are highly breathable too, leading to comfort as you work on hot asphalt. Furthermore, they feature insulated, polyurethane and heat-resistant insoles that will further increase your comfort and safety while you work on hot surfaces.

Best Features: Heat-resistant insoles; water-resistant leather uppers

Price: $128.00 - $139.00 – Buy asphalt boots on

2. Danner Men’s Bull Run Moc Toe 6-in. Construction Boots

asphalt boots

Danner Men’s Bull Run Moc Toe 6-in. Construction Boots.

Comprised of 100% leather, these electrical hazard (EH) boots feature non-conductive, electrical shock-resistant heels and soles. Available in several sizes, ranging from 5 to 16, the boots have three layers of varying densities, resulting in cushioning and support as you complete your outdoor and roadside projects. To ensure comfortability, the boots have footbeds comprised of open-cell polyurethane as well, thereby enabling high air circulation and heat dissipation. Highly durable, regardless of the conditions you work in, the boots also have rugged outsoles, along with oiled, full-grain leather uppers. Additionally, since their outsoles are oil and slip resistant, the boots will provide you high traction, too.

Best Features: Electrical shock resistance; oil-and-slip-resistant outsoles

Price: $219.95 - $259.95 – Buy asphalt boots on

3. Oliver 55 Series 6-in. Steel Toe Boots

asphalt boots

Oliver 55 Series 6-in. Steel Toe Boots.

Featuring robust, slip-resistant rubber outsoles, these boots will, in turn, help you maintain your balance as you conduct your projects on wet or irregular terrain. Able to be utilized for various job tasks, the boots also have flexible, lightweight XRD metatarsal guards, ensuring they’re protected from high impacts. Developed for long usage, the boots have liquid-resistant, leather uppers too, which are reinforced with abrasion-resistant heel and toe bumpers, leading to their durability. And since they have non-metallic, puncture-resistant insoles, they’re protected from punctures that may occur during your outdoor projects as well. Not to mention, their heat- and slip-resistant outsoles can withstand acids, alkalis and mineral oils.

Best Features: Liquid-resistant uppers; XRD metatarsal guards

Price: $89.99 – Buy asphalt boots on

4. Thorogood Men’s American Heritage 6-in. Wedge Work Boots

asphalt boots

Thorogood Men’s American Heritage 6-in. Wedge Work Boots.

Available in numerous sizes, ranging from 5 to 15 wide, these boots are comprised of 100% leather. Featuring highly flexible MAXWEAR WEDGE slip-resistant outsoles, the boots offer protection as you work on challenging surfaces. Due to their designs, the boots’ outsoles will also ensure you don’t fall as you work on loose gravel, along with oily and wet surfaces. Furthermore, the boots have footbeds that utilize dual-density polyurethane, enabling them to absorb impacts and wick away moisture, leading to comfort and safety. Able to protect you from electrical hazards too, the boots’ heels can withstand an application of 18,000 volts at 60 Hz for up to 1 minute.

Best Features: Electrical hazard protection; MAXWEAR WEDGE slip-resistant outsoles

Price: $246.95 - $249.95 – Buy asphalt boots on

5. Timberland PRO Men’s Titan 8-in. Work Boots

asphalt boots

Timberland PRO Men’s Titan 8-in. Work Boots.

Providing you waterproof leather uppers, along with midsoles that have highly durable and lightweight cushions, these boots will ensure you remain comfortable and dry as you conduct your outdoor and roadside projects. Featuring abrasion-, oil- and slip-resistant rubber outsoles, the boots will guarantee you remain protected too, despite the elements you may encounter on the job. Comprised of 100% leather, the boots also have OrthoLite insoles that offer Dryz Intellitemp X-Static moisture management technology, providing you yet another means to maintain your dryness on the job. And they’ll protect you from electrical hazards, ensuring you’ll be safe from any open circuits you may confront.

Best Features: Insoles with moisture management technology; slip-resistant rubber outsoles

Price: $117.92 - $164.95 – Buy asphalt boots on

Things to Know about Asphalt Boots

Will my asphalt boots potentially expand if I’m working in high temperatures regularly?

Yes. They will expand slightly if you’re working on roadside projects, due to molten tar, which can be as hot as 300℉. Ensure you don’t buy boots that are too large for you when you first wear them, or else they’ll be sliding a lot, potentially leading to blisters.

Which parts of my asphalt boot should be heat resistant?

Your entire boot should be heat resistant, in order to considerably reduce—or even eliminate—any injuries associated with exposure to high temperatures.

Which types of safety toes are the most ideal?

Steel toes are the most popular. However, aluminum and composite options are available, too. Just make sure the safety toes are ASTM certified.

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