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“I founded Truewerk on my belief that life and work in the skilled trades are fundamentally misunderstood. Today, we exist to not only correct those misconceptions, but to champion the next generation of tradespeople who will choose to build America with their creativity, ingenuity and business savvy.” – Brian Ciciora, founder, Truewerk

With this mission in mind, Truewerk is designing clothing that suits your primary needs as a construction worker: breathability, comfort, coolness, durability, flexibility, protection and warmth. Simply put, if you purchase Truewerk construction workwear, you’ll have everything you could possibly need, with regards to your outfit—and more.

Staying true to its founder’s future-oriented mission, the manufacturer’s construction workwear will offer you the following benefits, as it’s utilizing a variety of technological advancements to create tomorrow’s coveralls, hoodies, jackets, pants and shirts today.

Benefits of Truewerk Construction Workwear

First, Truewerk’s construction workwear is renowned for being highly breathable. Consequently, you’ll be able to wear many of the manufacturer’s outfits all year long, as you’ll remain cool during the hot and humid months of July and August.

In addition, whenever customers describe the manufacturer’s construction workwear, comfort is another term that’s typically used to describe its offerings. After all, its workwear is soft and lightweight, enabling you to be very comfortable for several hours at a time, even if you’ve been asked to work overtime.

The workwear is also highly durable, as it’s often abrasion and water resistant. As a result, it will maintain its look for years—as long as you take care of it properly, of course. Very flexible too, as it usually features materials that allow it to stretch (and enable you to bend and flex as much as you need to on the job), some of the workwear will protect you from the sun’s rays as well, along with high winds.

Finally, depending on which workwear you choose, you may also be able to maintain your warmth as you work during the winter, due to its exterior and interior. To notice these various benefits, among others, here are five Truewerk construction workwear options that will help you maintain your productivity as you work outside.

Cloud Shirt

By wearing the Cloud Shirt on your construction jobsite, especially during the peak of summer, you’ll be protected from up to 98% of UV rays, as it offers 50+ UPF protection. Comprised of soft-stretch polyester, the shirt will also ensure you remain cool on hot summer days, as it’s highly breathable and lightweight. Featuring technology that enables it to dry quickly, the shirt—available in deep grey or white—is durable, soft and wrinkle proof as well. And since it has articulated sleeves, a four-way stretch and underarm gussets, it will allow you to easily bend and stretch as you conduct your job tasks.

Best Features: 50+ UPF protection; four-way stretch

Price: $59.00 – Buy on Truewerk

M2 Grid Pullover Hoodie

Featuring a hard fleece exterior, the M2 Grid Pullover Hoodie can be worn as you conduct a variety of demanding tasks that often lead to wear and tear, as it’s abrasion resistant. Highly breathable, the hoodie has a waterproof membrane that wicks away moisture, along with an under-shell layering that ensures you’ll remain warm as you wear it during the winter. Therefore, it can be worn in various seasons, from early fall to late spring, if you prefer. Available in two colors (black and heathered gray), the machine washable hoodie is also very flexible, as it has a four-way stretch, enabling you to conduct several job tasks.

Best Features: Abrasion resistance; waterproof membrane

Price: $69.00 – Buy on Truewerk

S3 Solution Jacket

ANSI Class 2 compliant, as it’s available in high-visibility yellow, in addition to black, the S3 Solution Jacket has a breathable, waterproof laminate membrane. As a result, moisture won’t be trapped and air can easily enter it, ensuring you remain dry, cool and comfortable as you wear it in warm temperatures. Yet, at the same time, it also has a very soft inner fleece lining, enabling it to be worn in cold temperatures as well. Featuring a four-way stretch micro ripstop outer shell, leading to its high flexibility, the durable full-zip jacket is easy to clean too, leading to its longevity, regardless of your work conditions.

Best Features: Four-way stretch outer shell; waterproof laminate membrane

Price: $89.00 – Buy on Truewerk

T1 WerkPant

Available in four colors—black, deep grey, navy and sand—the T1 WerkPant features the manufacturer’s T1 WerkFabric, as it’s comprised of nylon (85%) and spandex (15%). Due to its components, the pants have a moisture-wicking exterior that’s also abrasion resistant. On the other hand, its interior is very soft and comfortable. Machine washable, the pants are double stitched as well, resulting in its durability, as it can withstand wear and tear on a regular basis. Featuring four-way stretch, the T1 WerkPant is highly flexible too, allowing you to easily bend down, climb ladders and reach for objects. And it has plentiful storage options, including eight utility pockets.

Best Features: Eight utility pockets; T1 WerkFabric

Price: $79.00 – Buy on Truewerk

T3 WerkBib

Comprised of the manufacturer’s T3 WerkFabric, the T3 WerkBib has a soft, moisture-wicking fleece interior, along with an abrasion-resistant and water-repellent exterior. Machine washable, the coveralls feature eight utility pockets that you’ll be able to easily access. Each pocket has a fabric lining too, which will protect your legs from whichever hand tools and instruments you need to bring with you on the job, including those that are very sharp. Offering adjustable straps, so that a variety of workers can wear them, the coveralls’ legs also have full-length zippers, enabling them to effortlessly fit over your work boots. Windproof, the coveralls have foam knee pads, too.

Best Features: Foam knee pads; water repellant

Price: $199.00 – Buy on Truewerk

FAQs for Truewerk Construction Workwear

With regards to some of Truewerk’s construction workwear, what does “T1” or “T3” mean?

Truewerk’s construction workwear’s T-Series fabrics range from T.5 (for the hottest weather conditions) to T4 (for the coldest weather conditions). With this in mind, a T3 WerkBib will provide you more warmth than a T1 WerkPant, for example.

How exactly do Truewerk’s construction workwear’s fabrics help you maintain your coolness or warmth?

Also known as “Technical” fabrics, the T-Series features a wide array of materials, some of which are considered modern, while others are perceived as more traditional. By blending these materials together and, at times, using a variety of fabric layers, the manufacturer has created fabrics that can either help cool you down or warm you up.

Does Truewerk sell any construction workwear accessories?

Yes. The manufacturer also sells belts, hats, safety glasses, socks, tool quivers and underwear, among other items.

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