Top 5 Oakley Safety Glasses for Eye Protection


When Jim Jannard created Oakley in 1975—from his garage with a rumored initial investment of $300—he likely couldn’t have imagined how big the company would become. After all, it’s one of the largest, most renowned sports performance equipment and lifestyle manufacturers in the world. Not to mention, it’s also created hundreds of patents for various types of eyewear and performance gear. 

Aside from being shocked by the massive growth and popularity of his startup, Jannard would have probably been surprised by the company’s focus on safety offerings, too. In fact, when you first think of Oakley, safety likely won’t come to mind. Rather, you’ll possibly think about the company’s logo and branding abilities, along with the look and feel of its products. 

However, as evidenced by the following five safety glasses, Oakley is certainly dedicated to safety. And you, as a construction worker, can wear their wide array of offerings, confident not only in how you look in them, but also secure in knowing they’ll protect you from numerous hazards on your jobsites. 

Why Buy Oakley Safety Glasses?

First, a majority of Oakley sunglasses feature highly durable frames. Consequently, they can withstand several-foot-high drops and not be fractured at all. And large objects can hit them too, as they’re generally impact resistant. 

Aside from providing longstanding, robust frames, Oakley sunglasses also have durable lenses, which will protect you from UV rays, along with (in many cases) harmful blue light and hazards, including sharp objects like glass. Furthermore, they can be worn in all types of conditions, whether you’re working in broad daylight or darkness, as the manufacturer offers various lens options, depending on when you usually work. Therefore, you’ll be able to see hazards before they ever harm you, even if your shift occurs after midnight. 

Often compliant with a variety of standards, including those created for miliary combat eye protection guidelines, some Oakley sunglasses are chemical resistant as well, which is vital if you work on jobsites that have unspecified hazards. Thus, you can rest assured, knowing your eyes are fully protected, regardless of where you have to work. 

To acquire each of these benefits, with regards to eye protection, along with many other positives, consider purchasing one of the following five Oakley sunglasses. 

Drop Point Oakley Safety Glasses 

oakley safety glasses for construction

Oakley Drop Point Safety Glasses.

Providing high velocity and high mass impact resistance, these sunglasses meet American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Z87.1 standards, with regards to eye protection. Aside from guarding your eyes from hazardous objects, they’ll also shield you from all UVA, UVB and UVC rays, along with harmful blue light—for up to 400 nanometers. Featuring lightweight, stress-resistant O Matter frames, which are only available on Oakley sunglasses, they’re highly comfortable and durable too, leading to potentially long lifespans. Additionally, to ensure they’ll stay on your nose, even as you sweat in high temperatures, the sunglasses have Unobtainium nose pads as well, resulting in high gripping capabilities. 

Best Features: Stress-resistant O Matter frames; Unobtainium nose pads 

Price: $153.00 – Buy Oakley safety glasses on Amazon.com 

M Frame Oakley Safety Glasses 

oakley safety glasses for construction

Oakley M Frame Safety Glasses.

Available in two varieties—grey lenses with a black frame and clear lenses with a black frame—these sunglasses have been developed to withstand practically everything you’ll encounter on your jobsites. First off, their frames are not only chemical resistant, but impact resistant, too. You can drop them and have various objects strike them without ever worrying about their long-term usability. Secondly, their lenses offer impact protection as well, along with a shield from harmful UVA/UVB rays for up to 400 nanometers. Although the grey lenses should be used in bright conditions, the clear lenses are more suitable for evening or nighttime usage instead. 

Best Features: Chemical-resistant frames; lenses for daytime or nighttime usage 

Price: $103.57 - $153.00 – Buy Oakley safety glasses on Amazon.com 

Standard Industry Ballistic Det Cord Oakley Safety Glasses 

oakley safety glasses

Oakley Ballistic Det Cord Safety Glasses.

Compliant with two standards—MIL-PRF-32432 (concerning military combat eye protection) and ANSI Z87.1 (2015) (regarding eye protection)—these sunglasses have been developed for hazardous environments. After all, they offer high-velocity impact protection, enabling you to wear them on dangerous jobsites. As a result, you won’t have to avoid job assignments associated with high risks, such as flying objects like broken glass and concrete, as your eyes will be shielded from virtually every object you can think of. Featuring lightweight O Matter frames, the sunglasses are comfortable, too. In turn, you’ll be able to wear them for several hours at a time without hardly noticing them. 

Best Features: High-velocity impact protection; O Matter frames 

Price: $180.00 – Buy Oakley safety glasses on Amazon.com 

Standard Industry Ballistic M Frame 2.0 Strike Oakley Safety Glasses

oakley safety glasses

Oakley Ballistic M Frame 2.0 Strike Safety Glasses.

As evidenced by their abilities to surpass ANSI Z87.1 Industrial Standards for high-velocity impact protection, these sunglasses will protect you from practically everything. Compliant with MIL-PRF-31013 (ballistic eye protection standards), they also have chemical- and impact-resistant frames, leading to high durability. Featuring Plutonite lenses that will protect you from all UVA and UVB rays (for up to 400 nanometers), the sunglasses—those with clear or permission lenses, that is—can be used during the evening and at night, too. Highly comfortable, as they’re very lightweight, the sunglasses will fit tightly on your nose as well, even in torrential downpours, due to their Hydrophilic Unobtainium nose pad. 

Best Features: Chemical- and impact-resistant frames; Plutonite lenses offer UV ray protection 

Price: $133.00 – Buy Oakley safety glasses on Amazon.com 

Standard Industry Shocktube Oakley Safety Glasses

oakley safety glasses

Oakley Shocktube Safety Glasses.

Created particularly for safety professionals and soldiers, these sunglasses will offer the protection you need while working around hazardous objects. Compliant with MIL-PRF-32432 (again, military combat eye protection standards), they feature an upper and a lower jaw, each of which will protect your eyes from flying objects on your jobsites. Able to block 100% of UVA, UVB and UVC rays for up to 400 nanometers, the sunglasses’ frames are not only durable, but lightweight too, ensuring they’re very comfortable throughout your shifts. Utilizing High Definition Optics, the sunglasses also provide high optical clarity from every angle imaginable, as you survey your jobsites. 

Best Features: High Definition Optics; upper and lower jaw 

Price: $154.99 – Buy Oakley safety glasses on Amazon.com 

Things to Consider When Buying Oakley Safety Glasses

Does Oakley accept vision insurance? 

Yes! The manufacturer advises you to add your insurance plan details whenever you purchase safety glasses directly on its website. In addition, you may submit your receipt to your insurance provider to receive a reimbursement, too. 

How can I clean my Oakley safety glasses? 

The manufacturer recommends that you utilize its Oakley Micro Bag or Oakley Lens Cleaning Kit to clean your lenses. Avoid using chemicals, cleaning kits and solvents from other manufacturers though, as they haven’t been tested on Oakley’s lenses, leading to the potential for long-term damage. 

Finally, many counterfeits exist. How can I know for sure that my Oakley safety glasses are the real deal? 

Oakley advises you to email photos of your sunglasses to its Customer Care department, along with information concerning exactly where you purchased them. You may also take them to an Oakley dealer near you for confirmation, regarding their authenticity. 

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