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Dedicated to ensuring that skilled trades professionals can acquire exactly what they need for their jobsites, BRUNT Workwear offers something for everyone, with regards to accessories, apparel and boots. 

From hats and hoodies, to jackets and pants, to shirts and shorts, each item has been designed by a friend of Eric Girouard, founder and CEO of BRUNT Workwear. Aside from knowing Girouard for several years, every friend has been in the skilled trades industry for decades, enabling them to completely understand their fellow professionals’ particular needs for their jobsites—and then help design and manufacture each offering. 

Since 2019, when Girouard founded BRUNT Workwear, he and his friends have developed more than 50 offerings for the skilled trades industry, including The McKenna Sun Hoodie. As is the case with each of the manufacturer’s products, the hoodie was named after a friend of Girouard’s. Created, in part, by Chris McKenna, a professional landscaper with decades of experience, the hoodie has been designed for hot weather. 

“Chris started working for a landscape company when he was 16,” Girouard said. “This quickly turned into his passion, and he pursued a degree in landscape contracting.” 

He continued, “When he graduated, the cotton t-shirts he wore didn’t breathe or wick sweat, and [they] offered no protection from the harsh sun. [Therefore,] Chris worked with BRUNT to help design The McKenna Sun Hoodie—the ultimate performance hoodie for long days outside.” 

To showcase the ways in which the hoodie protects construction workers from high heat, while also ensuring they remain comfortable and dry for hours on end, BRUNT Workwear recently mailed its Army Green Heather version to me. 

Upon receiving it in the mail, I wore it for several hours on a hot summer day, in which temperatures approached 90℉. Throughout the long duration in which I wore the hoodie, I noticed the following benefits, each of which led me—as well as the rest of the IRONPROS team—to recommend it to you. 


First off, each hoodie is comprised of polyester (88% for the Blue Heather and BRUNT Orange offerings, and 89% for the Grey Heather, Army Green Heather and Orange Heather options). In addition, the hoodies feature spandex fabric (12% for the Blue Heather and BRUNT Orange selections, and 11% for the other three offerings). 

As a result of the hoodie’s polyester composition, each one—from the 4.87-ounce fabric Blue Heather and BRUNT Orange, to the 5.25-ounce Grey Heather, Army Green Heather and Orange Heather—can wick away moisture so that your sweat will evaporate rapidly. In fact, its polyester will never absorb any sweat whatsoever, as it doesn’t hold moisture, period. 

The hoodie will, in turn, dry quickly, regardless of how hot you are on the job or how much rain you may encounter at times. Consequently, it will feel very light, when compared to other hoodies’ typical heaviness. And your body temperature will be well regulated, even if you have to work in temperatures approaching 100℉. 


Aside from ensuring you’ll maintain your dryness in practically any weather condition, I found that the hoodie’s polyester composition enhances its durability, too. While I wore it for a few hours and worked with various outdoor equipment, I stretched quite a bit—without noticing any rips or tears. I also encountered some jobsite hazards that may have otherwise torn other hoodies. But The McKenna Sun Hoodie withstood every hazard it faced. 

In addition to resisting abrasions and hazards, the hoodie withstands several laundry cycles, along with practically every outdoor element you can think of. Not to mention, it’s resistant to stains and wrinkles, thereby ensuring it will maintain its appearance for years to come. 

The bottom line is this: if you want a product that will last for long durations, you should consider purchasing one that is comprised mostly of polyester. Since each of The McKenna Sun Hoodies are comprised of 88% to 89% polyester, you’re virtually guaranteed of purchasing a product that’s built to last.  

Of course, as with anything else, you must do your part, too. Make sure you clean your machine washable hoodie in cold water (and with similar colors) on a consistent basis, prior to tumble drying it on low each time. In doing so, you’ll have a hoodie you can count on for the unforeseeable future. 


Another key component of The McKenna Sun Hoodie’s overall structure is its spandex (again, 11% to 12%, depending on which hoodie you purchase). Due to its spandex composition, the hoodie is highly flexible, as it enables you to conduct a variety of tasks in which you need to bend down and stretch—in a very comfortable manner.  

Whether you want to operate machinery that requires considerable flexing, stretch out your arms to retrieve objects and tools, or bend over to finish nail boards, paint walls or achieve other on-the-job goals, you’ll be able to achieve virtually anything you need to, thanks to the hoodie’s flexibility. 

As a further example of the hoodie’s flexibility, it has a four-way stretch too, as its materials will never be stuck to your body or fold up, two common issues that diminish construction workers’ reaching and motion capabilities whenever they wear hoodies. Whenever you wear The McKenna Sun Hoodie, your range of motion will be high though, time after time again. 

Lightweight, Soft and Breathable 

Due to The McKenna Sun Hoodie’s very light polyester composition, you’ll hardly even notice you’re wearing it. Soft on your skin, the highly breathable hoodie has drop shoulder seams as well, which minimize any potential for chafing or scratches. In turn, you’ll be as comfortable as possible on the job, regardless of how long you have to work, where your jobsite is located or which elements you’ll encounter during your shift. You’ll also be able to wear heavy equipment on your back, from backpack blowers to harnessed gear, without ever having to worry about scratches, as you’ll be fully protected. 

Moreover, the hoodie has flatlock seams that are completely friction free, thereby ensuring they’ll never rub on your skin, leading to a further reduction in chafing and scratches. As evidenced by these two features—the drop shoulder and flatlock seams—the hoodie has been created for the outdoor worker, as BRUNT Workwear, Chris McKenna and Eric Girouard were focused on offering employees like you utmost comfort, so that you can achieve your full potential as you work long shifts in high heat this summer. 

Three-piece Composition 

As a three-piece offering, The McKenna Sun Hoodie will enable you to protect yourself in other ways, aside from chafing and scratches on your back and shoulders. First, it is hard hat compatible, so you can easily wear it over your hard hat, protect your head from potential injuries and maintain utmost comfort while doing so. 

Aside from ensuring your head is fully protected from the hazards you may encounter on your jobsite in as comfortable of a manner as possible, the hoodie will protect your ears and neck as well, as you can cover them, too. Therefore, you can rest assured that a majority of your body—from your waist and up—is protected not only from the heat, but also from workplace hazards. 

UV Ray Protection 

Of course, during the summer especially, one of the primary hazards you’ll encounter on your jobsite is the sun. After all, if you have day shifts, you’ll be exposed to the sun at its peak for several hours. And, as you know, Mother Nature can be relentless when it comes to sunburns, particularly in June, July and August. 

Thankfully, The McKenna Sun Hoodie offers Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) 50+ sun protection, which blocks 98% of all harmful UV rays. As a result, you’ll not only be protected on a short-term basis—from painful sunburns, along with annoying sunspots—but on a short-term basis too, as your likelihood for skin cancer will diminish. Just ensure you wear the hoodie consistently, especially on very hot summer days in which the scorching sun simply can’t be avoided. 


If you’re seeking a hoodie that provides you variety, look no further than The McKenna Sun Hoodie. First, it’s available in six sizes: small to 3XL. And, as mentioned earlier, it’s offered in five colors—Army Green Heather, Blue Heather, BRUNT Orange, Grey Heather and Orange Heather. Simply put, you won’t run out of options as you seek out a color that’s the most suitable for you and your particular preferences. Additionally, it enables nearly everyone to wear it, due to its wide array of sizes.  

Should You Purchase BRUNT Workwear’s The McKenna Sun Hoodie? 

As evidenced by the hoodie’s various positives, there are several reasons for you to consider purchasing The McKenna Sun Hoodie. However, one issue may lead some construction workers to become hesitant about purchasing the hoodie: its price. At first glance, $49 may seem to be a bit high for a hoodie. But, upon reflecting on each of its benefits, the hoodie is actually priced appropriately. 

“Even though my buddies have the means to buy any workwear on the market, they shouldn’t be overpaying for the tools they wear to do their jobs. Guys like them are the backbone of this country, and they deserve more.” said Eric Girouard, founder and CEO, BRUNT Workwear 

First, as a construction worker, you know how critical dryness is, especially in high heat and humidity. The dryer the top portion of your body is, the more easily you’ll be able to efficiently work for a longer period of time. Aside from its dryness capabilities, the hoodie is highly breathable, lightweight and soft, leading to further comfort and, consequently, a higher potential for high productivity on the job.  

Of equal importance, it will help protect you from chafing, scratches and injuries associated with hazards, as it has drop shoulder seams, friction-free flatlock seams and a three-piece construction that allows you to comfortably and easily wear hard hats at the same time you’re wearing it. 

Furthermore, the hoodie is highly durable, as you can count on wearing it for several months—if not years—to come, as long as you maintain it properly. And it’s highly flexible as well, enabling you to have a high range of motion as you complete a variety of job tasks, no matter how often you have to bend down and stretch. 

Meanwhile, the hoodie will protect you from a high majority of UV rays (again, 98% in all) too, thereby minimizing the odds of short-term issues, such as sunburns, and long-term issues like skin cancer. And, finally, it provides you considerable variety, from its wide range of sizes, to its assortment of color options, thus enabling you to choose a hoodie that’s the most suitable for you. 

Upon considering each of these benefits, there is no doubt about it. I highly recommend that you purchase The McKenna Sun Hoodie (at least one) sooner, rather than later. You’ll definitely be glad you did. 

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